The Business of LeBron James …LeBron James homecoming: Good for the Cavaliers, but not Cleveland

For the past week the talk has been all about Lebron James, the deal he got from Cleveland why he left Miami and what the future holds for the cavs and the Heat. But one thing came through loud and clear in this process …Lebron is about business, the business of Lebron James. Going homeContinue reading “The Business of LeBron James …LeBron James homecoming: Good for the Cavaliers, but not Cleveland”

Tick Tick Tock …LeBron you’re on the clock…

He has to know by now where he wants to play it’s either stay where he is or go back home. I’m sure LeBron James is loving all the attention he is getting his second time around as a free agent. With him this is high stakes poker, keeping mum, not disclosing anything and keepingContinue reading “Tick Tick Tock …LeBron you’re on the clock…”

Cavs win the NBA Draft Lottery again…

For the third time in 4 years the Cleveland Cavaliers win the NBA Draft Lottery. ”It seems surreal,” Cavs vice chairman Jeff Cohen said. ”This is three out of four years and we had a 1.7 percent chance of coming up with the first pick and we pulled it off again.” Ok so that meansContinue reading “Cavs win the NBA Draft Lottery again…”

Gasol for Bynum? Should the Lakers make that deal?

The Lakers are fed up with Gasol complaining about not being involved in Dantoni’s offense, Cleveland is tired of Andrew Bynum..being Andrew Bynum.Sounds like the basis for a trade right? In most cases yes, but if I were the Lakers I’d hold off on making that deal. I know for cap space it would makeContinue reading “Gasol for Bynum? Should the Lakers make that deal?”

Tell me if you heard this before …Andrew Bynum might not be ready to play any time soon

Maybe the Cavs know something we don’t granted,but this sounds very familiar to what happened last season with Bynum and the Sixers. Not ready to play…Got paid but not ready to play…hurt waiting to recover, not ready to play…in this case the Cavs are ok with it. Hmmmm ok While Bynum continues to be diligentContinue reading “Tell me if you heard this before …Andrew Bynum might not be ready to play any time soon”

Andrew Bynum agrees to sign with the Cavs

According to one published report: The Cleveland Cavaliers will guarantee $6 million of a possible $24.5 million to free agent Andrew Bynum in a two-year, incentive-laden contract that the two-time NBA champion center agreed upon on Wednesday, a league source told Yahoo! Sports. Bynum’s history of knee problems, including losing the entire 2012-13 season toContinue reading “Andrew Bynum agrees to sign with the Cavs”

Andrew Bynum being pursued by the Cavs

While the world at large believes the Houston Rockets are the winners of the Dwigt Howard sweepstakes, it is believed here the real winner is none other than …Andrew Bynum. With Howard off the board teams will look for ways to sign Bynum, he who didn’t play a minute of NBA action last season, isContinue reading “Andrew Bynum being pursued by the Cavs”

Nate Thurmond: the forgotten big man

He had the mis fortune of playing in the same era as Bill Russell, Wlit Chamberlin and a young Kareem Abdul Jarbar. He played 14 seasons in the NBA and more than held his ground against the best of his era. In some respects it just goes to show you that many times we forgetContinue reading “Nate Thurmond: the forgotten big man”

Hey Cleveland: LeBron isn’t coming back as a Cavalier

They got the coach they wanted. He is the same coach the owner fired. They have a budding superstar in Kyrie Irving, and they have this crazy idea that they are going to team him up with LeBron James. Yes that Lebron James, the one that left Cleveland and went to Miami to play forContinue reading “Hey Cleveland: LeBron isn’t coming back as a Cavalier”