Smallthoughts: The Knicks Did What? Thoughts on the Kristaps Porzingis Trade

I have been a Knick fan since the season that they won their first championship, my grandfather took me to my first Knick game. I have seen this franchise at it’s best and rooted for it at it’s worst.There are times when I believe Dolan is what is wrong with the Knicks …the reign ofContinue reading “Smallthoughts: The Knicks Did What? Thoughts on the Kristaps Porzingis Trade”

Smallthoughts: Rave of the Week …Dirk Nowitzki

This past Wednesday at Madison Square Garden, it marked possibly the last time time we will see Dirk Nowitzki on the Garden floor. His career started in 1998 to the present 21 seasons of NBA excellence. All by the way with one team, the Dallas Mavericks. He is 7th in all time scoring in theContinue reading “Smallthoughts: Rave of the Week …Dirk Nowitzki”

Smallthoughts: Rave of the Week …Dirk Nowitzki

When people mention the great players around the NBA then names like LeBron James, Steph Curry, Dwayne Wade and Kawhi Leonard come to mind. Dirk Nowitzki?  Is he still playing? Who does he play for? Well in case you might not have noticed there are other great players in the league other then the onesContinue reading “Smallthoughts: Rave of the Week …Dirk Nowitzki”

Smallthoughts: Trivia Thursday

Welcome to this week’s Trivia Thursday, here is this week’s trivia question. Don’t forget the answer will be revealed tomorrow along with Smallthoughts: Rant of the Week and Smallthoughts: Rave of the Week.

Dallas Mavericks vs LA Lakers – Full Highlights | July 15, 2015 | NBA Las Vegas Summer League

Summer League action, kids looking to make a name for themselves and a spot on the teams roster, come to play hard. It’s not always pretty and you see the warts to their game but they come to play.

DeAndre Jordan Re-signs with the Clippers

To the surprise of no one, De Andre Jordan reversed his decision to play for the Dallas mavericks and decided to re-sign with the Los Angeles Clippers, Dallas Owner Mark Cuban never got the chance to convince Jordan to honor his verbal commitment to the Mavericks. Instead Jordan signs a 4 year deal with theContinue reading “DeAndre Jordan Re-signs with the Clippers”

DeAndre Jordan is Having Second Thoughts about signing with the Mavericks

When is a deal not a deal? When it isn’t a signed deal. NBA free agency began July 1st and teams were able to agree to deals with free agents those deals can be officially signed tomorrow. According to reports on Twitter and ESPN and other outlets one such free agent is having second thoughtsContinue reading “DeAndre Jordan is Having Second Thoughts about signing with the Mavericks”

Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday …James Donaldson

Donaldson played three seasons with Seattle before moving on to the San Diego (later Los Angeles) Clippers. During the1984–85 NBA season, he led the league in field goal percentage at 0.637 — still one of the ten highest percentages in NBA history. Donaldson joined the Dallas Mavericks in 1985. He had his finest years whileContinue reading “Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday …James Donaldson”

Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday …Brad Davis

Davis was selected by the Los Angeles Lakers in the first round (15th pick overall) of the 1977 NBA Draft. Davis played for the Lakers for one season, then for the Indiana Pacers for one season. He played only part of the next NBA season for theUtah Jazz. After being released from the Jazz, heContinue reading “Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday …Brad Davis”

Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday …Rolando Blackman

If Pat Riley would have played Rolando Blackman in games 6 & 7 in the NBA finals against Houston in 1994 instead of the obvious slumbing John Starks,  the Knicks would have won the NBA title that season. Rolando Blackman was drafted by the Mavericks in the first round (9th overall) of the 1981 NBAContinue reading “Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday …Rolando Blackman”