Darryl Dawkins aka Chocolate Thunder R.I.P.

We featured Darryl Dawkins some time ago on our Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday, (https://smallthoughtsinasportsworld.wordpress.com/2014/02/05/smallthoughts-old-school-tuesday-darryl-dawkins-aka-chocolate-thunder/) While in the eyes of many he never lived up to the potential that many thought he had, there was no denying that he was a force and he was a character who never took himself too seriously and always madeContinue reading “Darryl Dawkins aka Chocolate Thunder R.I.P.”

Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday… Darryl Dawkins aka Chocolate Thunder

To his critics he was a manchild who only did one thing better than dunking …fouling. To his fans he was Chocolate Thunder from the planet Love Tron (yes he did say that). But to the world at large especially in the NBA he was Darryl Dawkins. For you too young to know Darryl DawkinsContinue reading “Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday… Darryl Dawkins aka Chocolate Thunder”