Dave Dombrowski Hired as Boston Redsox Head of Baseball Operations

It didn’t take long for Dave Dombrowski to find a new job, it had been rumored that he was heading to Toronto but in a stunning move he is heading to Boston where he is reunited with his old bossĀ  Red Sox Owner John Henry. They were together in Miami with the Marlins. “I wantContinue reading “Dave Dombrowski Hired as Boston Redsox Head of Baseball Operations”

Dave Dombrowski fired by the Tigers …Why?

The timing of Dombrowski’s firing was really weird. No warning, no nothing just we decided to go in a different direction but only after the Tigers decided they were going to trade off David Price and Yoenis Cespedes . I am sure even Dave Dombrowski was surprised by the timing of the move “You’re sortContinue reading “Dave Dombrowski fired by the Tigers …Why?”