Denver Nuggets interested in Kevin Garnett

According to those out in Denver and in the know, the Nuggets have expressed interest in Boston Celtic star Kevin Garnett. The feeling however isn’t mutual with Kevin Garnett. He isn’t going to waive his no trade rights to go to Denver. The Celtics as everyone knows is dire striats with both jason Sullinger andContinue reading “Denver Nuggets interested in Kevin Garnett”

Before Michael Jordan there was …David Thompson aka skywalker

Sometime ago I had an converation with friends of mine about the players of today and those who I saw back in the day. Juluis Erving was is still is my all time favorite player, but a close second? David Thompson. He could leak and yes measuring leasping ability started with him. Only 6’3 (shortContinue reading “Before Michael Jordan there was …David Thompson aka skywalker”