Smallthoughts: NBA Trading Deadline …Cavs remade their Roster Younger & More Athletic

The NBA trading deadline turned out to be the Cleveland Cavaliers chance to remake their roster on the fly look who was sent packing … Isaiah Thomas (traded) Dwyane Wade (traded) Derrick Rose (traded) Channing Frye (traded) Iman Shumpert (traded) I was surprised to see Dwayne Wade get traded back to Miami of all places. He and LeBron maybe friendsContinue reading “Smallthoughts: NBA Trading Deadline …Cavs remade their Roster Younger & More Athletic”

Dwyane Wade Takes his Talents Home to the Chicago Bulls

                  This is definitely the week for bombshells in the NBA first Kevin Durant leaves Oklahoma City to join the Golden State Warriors and now after 12 seasons in Miami Dwyane Wade is no longer with the Miami Heat …he is going back home to Chicago toContinue reading “Dwyane Wade Takes his Talents Home to the Chicago Bulls”

Riley thought Lebron was staying in Miami…

Lebron played his decision on returning to Cleveland very close to the breast, so close even Pat Riley had no idea that LeBron was leaving especially when he talked to Lebron about how he was going to sell Miami to potential free agents. ”I went into it with the thought and the notion that heContinue reading “Riley thought Lebron was staying in Miami…”

Dwyane Wade re-signs with Miami Heat

Dwyane Wade is staying with the Miami Heat, and his latest deal is designed to give both the player and the only franchise he’s ever known some flexibility in the coming years. Wade signed a new contract with the Heat on Tuesday. It’s a two-year deal, the second of those seasons a player option, saidContinue reading “Dwyane Wade re-signs with Miami Heat”

The Spurs beat the Heat take 2-1 lead in series

Lebron bounced back from cramps in game 1 to take charge in game 2 …could the Heat take a 2-1 lead in the series? Could the cramp game inspire the Heat to keep winning? Or would the Spurs answer back with a win of their own? Game 3 highlights…enjoy!