Smallthoughts: Trivia Thursday

Welcome back. How did you do with this week’s question? If you answered Fran Tarkenton you are correct. Tarkenton played his career from 1961-1978. His first six seasons were with the Vikings, then five with the Giants before moving back to Minnesota for another seven seasons. He reached the 3000 plateau in 1976 with theContinue reading “Smallthoughts: Trivia Thursday”

Old School Tuesday: The Mad scrambler Fran Tarkenton

Before Kordell Stewart, RG3, Colin Kapernick, Russell Wilson and Michael Vick there was Fran Tarkenton. He was the first in a league of pocket passers to scramble all over the backfield to avoid a sack and threw for completions more often then not. He played for the Minnesota Vikings and the New York Giants inContinue reading “Old School Tuesday: The Mad scrambler Fran Tarkenton”