Smallthoughts: Rant of the Week …Manny Machado

Manny got paid…mucho money …300 million dollars for 10 years to play baseball in New York ? No. Philadelphia? No. Los Angeles? No. San Diego? San Diego???perfect weather San Diego?Yes. Does he even know what state San Diego is in? We know two things …Machado wanted the money and he got it all 300 millionContinue reading “Smallthoughts: Rant of the Week …Manny Machado”

AP source: Knicks offer Anthony max contract

We are not breaking any new ground by any stretch of the imagination with this story. Now that the Melo Free agent tour is over the Knicks get the last shot to make their pitch to carmelo Anthony. The following is a published story on the Knicks offering Anthony a max contract…so here is theContinue reading “AP source: Knicks offer Anthony max contract”

Smallthoughts: Now that the NBA Finals are over…

The real games begin…from Miami to New York to Minnesota to Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago and even Dallas and Boston…the games behind the games. Let’s make one thing clear no matter what you hear or what you read it is all guess work, because the players, themselves don’t even know what they are going toContinue reading “Smallthoughts: Now that the NBA Finals are over…”

Kevin Love …is he a good player on a bad team or a Great player in the making on a better team??

Kevin Love has made it clear he is tired of losing in Minnesota, he is tired of being in Minnesota. He is looking to get out either through a trade or walking out all together in 2015 when he is a free agent. So teams throughout the NBA are burning the phone lines to seeContinue reading “Kevin Love …is he a good player on a bad team or a Great player in the making on a better team??”

Free Agent comings and goings

There were other moves made around the NBA other than just Dwight Howard and Andre Iguodala changing teams. Matt Barnes resigned with the Clippers. 3years 12 million. Paul Milsap left the Utah Jazz and agreed to terms with the Atlanta Hawks 2 years 9 million. Former Knick Chris Copeland agreed to sign with the IndianaContinue reading “Free Agent comings and goings”

Howard meets with the Rockets, will he be ready to blast off ?

The NBA Free Agency period began at 12:01 last night and as expected the Rockets made a visit with Dwight Howard. This was the opportunity they have been waiting for. They have been preparing for the past two years to get their roster in shape to be able to absorb his possible salary with them.Continue reading “Howard meets with the Rockets, will he be ready to blast off ?”

Chris Paul to resign with the Clippers

Unless something out of the blue were to happen, Chris Paul has made it clear that he will resign with the Clippers and has told his reps not to talk to other teams. That has to be good news for the Clippers and their new head coach Doc Rivers. He can not officially sign withContinue reading “Chris Paul to resign with the Clippers”

Dwight Howard not likely to return to the Lakers

Let me know if you heard this before. I can’t decide if I want to stay or go… I would love to play in Chicago, I would love to play in Boston, I would love to play in Brooklyn, I would love to play in Atlanta my home town, I would love to play…Yes IContinue reading “Dwight Howard not likely to return to the Lakers”