Report: Warriors contact former Magic coach Van Gundy about vacancy

The following article was reported on by the Sports Xchange. It seems according to the report that Stan Van Gundy is being contacted by the Warriors about their coaching vacancy. See report below. By The Sports Xchange Former Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy has been contacted by the Golden State Warriors about their vacantContinue reading “Report: Warriors contact former Magic coach Van Gundy about vacancy”

Warriors Ax Jax…Have Eyes for Steve Kerr

Mark Jackson came to California to make the Golden State Warriors winners. They are on their way but he won’t be along for the ride. Jackson was fired as coach of the Warriors. It wasn’t about wins or loses it was about getting along with his bosses. His brash style rubbed them the wrong wayContinue reading “Warriors Ax Jax…Have Eyes for Steve Kerr”

Smallthoughts:Old School Tuesday…Gus Williams

Williams played high school basketball at Mount Vernon, where he was selected player of the year in 1971 by the New York State Sportswriters Association. He played college basketball at the University of Southern California. Williams was selected in the second round of the 1975 NBA Draft by the Golden State Warriors and in theContinue reading “Smallthoughts:Old School Tuesday…Gus Williams”

A Forgotten all time great …Rick Barry

When the subject of all time great players come up very seldom does the name Rick Barry come to mind. Yet this all time great in his prime would have put many of today’s players to shame. Barry played in both the ABA annd NBA. And yes he did shoot that funny underhanded shot atContinue reading “A Forgotten all time great …Rick Barry”

Iguodala California dreaming to The Warriors

The deal was supposed to be turned out be nothing but the deal that turned out to be was in the same state after all. Andre Iguodala was heavily pursued by the Sacramento Kings, and it was believed they thought they ahd a deal in place. Turns out that Iguodala was California dreaming but inContinue reading “Iguodala California dreaming to The Warriors”

Nate Thurmond: the forgotten big man

He had the mis fortune of playing in the same era as Bill Russell, Wlit Chamberlin and a young Kareem Abdul Jarbar. He played 14 seasons in the NBA and more than held his ground against the best of his era. In some respects it just goes to show you that many times we forgetContinue reading “Nate Thurmond: the forgotten big man”

Curry scores 54 but Knicks beat Warriors 109-105

This was the kind of game that gave me and old Knick fans alike bad memories of when Reggie Miller came to the Garden and turned the place into his own playground. Curry played as if he was channeling Reggie Miller as he gave fans thrills and chills big shot after big shot, 11 threeContinue reading “Curry scores 54 but Knicks beat Warriors 109-105”

Latrell Sprewell arrested for Disorderly Conduct

Life after the NBA has been anything but kind to Latrell Sprewell former NBA star.Sprewell’s River Hills home was foreclosed on in 2008. U.S. marshals auctioned off his 70-foot, $1.5 million yacht in 2007 and in 2011 Sprewell was among Wisconsin’s top “tax deadbeats,” owing the state $3.5 million in unpaid income taxes.Sprewell was arrestedContinue reading “Latrell Sprewell arrested for Disorderly Conduct”