Mike Dantoni resigns as Laker coach

Tell me if you heard this before …Mike Dantoni reisgns as…Knick head coach now fast forward to the present and …Mike Dantoni resigns as …Laker head coach see a pattern here? Two big city markets and one coach both times have had his job security openly questioned as well as his system openly critizied often.Continue reading “Mike Dantoni resigns as Laker coach”

Jason Kidd introduced as New Nets coach

There are risk with this move of making Jason Kidd head coach, but there are risk when you hire a coach even an experienced one. But the Nets are going into this eyes open wide. But this move risks and all gives the Nets instant buzz, instant attention away from the Knicks at least forContinue reading “Jason Kidd introduced as New Nets coach”

Head coaching vaccanies in the NBA yet No one hired Patrick Ewing as Headcoach …why?

The Sacramento Kings had a opening,the Hawks had a opening,the Bucks and even the BobCats had a opening and no one hired one of the best players of his time in the NBA …Patrick Ewing.The former Knicks franchise center has worked on the Washington Wizards’ coaching staff, the Houston Rockets’ coaching staff and the OrlandoContinue reading “Head coaching vaccanies in the NBA yet No one hired Patrick Ewing as Headcoach …why?”

BobCats hire Steve Clifford as new Head Coach

Maybe Michael Jordan will let this coach last a little while. Maybe this time Jordan and his yes men got it right. But in either case … The Charolette BobCats / Hornets have hired Steve Clifford as their new head coach replacing Mike Dunlap who coached the “Cats for one season. Clifford has worked asContinue reading “BobCats hire Steve Clifford as new Head Coach”