Heat vs Pacers game 5 highlights

After game 4 in which the Heat took control of the game and the series, alot of questions were asked of the Indiana Pacers. Where was Roy Hibbert, how does a 7 footer not score and not rebound? Can the pacers delieverin the clutch? Will the Heat close out the series in Indiana? All thoseContinue reading “Heat vs Pacers game 5 highlights”

Miami Heat vs Indiana Pacers game 4 highlights

Since the playoffs ended last season all we heard was how much Indiana would challeneg the Heat for supermacy in the East, well the pacers had talked long and hard about how they wanted the Heat …if you go by the playoffs this season the Pacers don’t want any parts of the Heat, and ofContinue reading “Miami Heat vs Indiana Pacers game 4 highlights”

Smallthoughts:Old School Tuesday…John Williamson

While at Wilbur Cross High School, Williamson played on the Connecticut state champion teams of 1966-67, 1967–68 and was runner up to crosstown rival Hillhouse in 1968-69, losing 76-71 in the final. For his senior (1969–70) year, Williamson led the nation in scoring with a gaudy 38.7 points per game average. His team was upsetContinue reading “Smallthoughts:Old School Tuesday…John Williamson”

Pacers win game 2 vs. the Wizards…There was a Roy Hibbert sighting

The much maligned Indian Pacers center Roy Hibbert showed up for game 2 after having 0 points and 0 rebs for game one. He finally made his presence felt and in game 2 responded with 28 points. “We didn’t call any more plays for Roy tonight,” Pacers coach Frank Vogel explained after the win. “HeContinue reading “Pacers win game 2 vs. the Wizards…There was a Roy Hibbert sighting”

Wizards beat the Pacers in game 1

It’s rare that Wizards make the playoffs but they are making the most of their opportunities and they sure made the most of their opportunity in game 1 in their game against the Indiana Pacers. While it looked like the Pacers might be getting it together after beating the Hawks, but the Wizards are notContinue reading “Wizards beat the Pacers in game 1”

Smallthoughts:Old School Tuesday …Mark Jackson

Mark Jackson was born in Brooklyn, New York. Jackson was regarded as one of the nation’s elite point guards while attending Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School in Brooklyn under coach Patrick Quigley. Jackson gained a reputation as a streetballer in New York and a college hoops star at St. John’s University. While at St. John’s,Continue reading “Smallthoughts:Old School Tuesday …Mark Jackson”

What happened to the Indiana Pacers ?

This was the team that everyone said would challenge the Miami Heat for supermacy in the Eastern Conference. Roy Hibbert shot blocker and rebounder supereme made life difficult for would be scorers… Lance Stephenson, George Hill and Paul George made life miserable for anyone guarding them. The Pacers made short work of the Knicks inContinue reading “What happened to the Indiana Pacers ?”

Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday …George McGinnis

George Mc Ginnis(Power Forward) was Mr. Indiana played high school, College and pro ball all in the state of Indiana. He played of the Indiana Pacers of the ABA (1971-1975)was 2 time ABA champion(1972-1973) and won the ABA’s MVP (1975) His style of play was most closely resembles today …Karl Malone if you watch carefully.Continue reading “Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday …George McGinnis”

Andrew Bynum Gets another chance…signs with the Pacers

It must be nice to be 7 feet tall and despite not playing all last season and came to Cleveland and not contribute, get cut and still land in a good place like Indiana …yeah it must be real nice if you are 7 feet and your name is Andrew Bynum.Make no mistake this isContinue reading “Andrew Bynum Gets another chance…signs with the Pacers”