Pujois Sues Jack Clark over steroid accusation

According to a published report Albert Pujois is suing Jack Clark for comments accusing Pujois of taking steroids. The petition says Pujols’ ”character and reputation are impeccable and beyond reproach” and cites his charitable work with the Pujols Family Foundation, while calling Clark ”a struggling radio talk show host” who was chasing ratings in theContinue reading “Pujois Sues Jack Clark over steroid accusation”

PED comment costs Jack Clark, co-host jobs

This was an interesting story, I came across on Yahoo Sports it was worth reading and posting. ST. LOUIS (AP) — Former St. Louis Cardinals star Jack Clark is out of his sports talk radio job along with co-host after saying Albert Pujols took performance-enhancing drugs. Clark said on the air last week on WGNUContinue reading “PED comment costs Jack Clark, co-host jobs”