Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves

Rants:Jonathan Papelbon… classic case of not thinking before you speak. He was asked about closing in on being the all time Phillie saves leader …his answer… What’ is a Phillie? What is a Phillie? “The Red Sox are a part of who I am, man,” Papelbon said in a story published Wednesday by the BostonContinue reading “Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves”

The Bucks beat the Nets …so what? Does that mean Jason Kidd is right?

 Other than Julius Erving and Bernard King, he was the best player this franchise has had since it joined the NBA in the mid 70’s from the no longer in existence ABA. Yet they have a funny relationship with Jason Kidd. When he first arrived via a trade with the Phoenix Suns for Stephon Marbury, KiddContinue reading “The Bucks beat the Nets …so what? Does that mean Jason Kidd is right?”

Kirilenko blast Kidd says he couldn’t handle New York pressure

This is an interesting article, because from a player’s perpective even he couldn’t figure out why the coach after only a year on the job wanted out and fprced his way to Milwaukee. Granted maybe Kirilenko had a ax to grind but it wouldn’t be the first time a player did and it won’t beContinue reading “Kirilenko blast Kidd says he couldn’t handle New York pressure”

Jason Kidd showed his true colors… again

He was a gifted point guard who knew the game. He was someone who saw the whole develop long before it happened. That was on the court. Off the court he continuingly reminds us he leaves alot to be desired. It appears everywhere he goes he forces the issue and either coaches fall or heContinue reading “Jason Kidd showed his true colors… again”

New details emerge on Nets’ Jason Kidd-Lawrence Frank rift, highlighted by expletive-laden Kidd rant

In a published report Nets coach Jason Kidd felt threaten by Lawrence Frank see the following published report. By Dan Devine Yahoo Sports NBA columnist Adrian Wojnarowski reported last Tuesday that a “heated” Nov. 4 staff meeting in which Brooklyn Nets head coach Jason Kidd “blistered top assistant Lawrence Frank” precipitated the disintegration of theirContinue reading “New details emerge on Nets’ Jason Kidd-Lawrence Frank rift, highlighted by expletive-laden Kidd rant”

Brooklyn Nets reassign Lawrence Frank …Kidd cites differences

The NBA season in both Manhattan and Brooklyn has gotten ugly early and it will get late early if neither team gets it together soon. The Nets in some respects have more riding on this season than the Knicks do. They were the team that pulled off the big trade to get Kevin Garnett, PaulContinue reading “Brooklyn Nets reassign Lawrence Frank …Kidd cites differences”

Jason Kidd suspened two games for DUI

NEW YORK (AP) — Brooklyn Nets coach Jason Kidd was suspended Friday for two games after pleading guilty in a drunken driving case. The NBA announced Kidd will miss the first two games of the season. The Nets open at Cleveland on Oct. 30 and host the defending champion Miami Heat on Nov. 1. KiddContinue reading “Jason Kidd suspened two games for DUI”

Jason Kidd introduced as New Nets coach

There are risk with this move of making Jason Kidd head coach, but there are risk when you hire a coach even an experienced one. But the Nets are going into this eyes open wide. But this move risks and all gives the Nets instant buzz, instant attention away from the Knicks at least forContinue reading “Jason Kidd introduced as New Nets coach”