Jason Kidd the front runner for the Nets coaching job

From the playoffs, to retirement to possibly becoming head coach for the first time, it has been a busy time for Jason Kidd. According to a published report on Yahoo Sports, Jason Kidd has emerged as the frontrunner for the Nets coaching job. According to the report: Nets ownership has told league associates that itContinue reading “Jason Kidd the front runner for the Nets coaching job”

Jason Kidd interested in the Nets coaching job

At first my thought was Jason Kidd head coach? Didn’t he just retire? Shouldn’t he give himself some time before trying to coach? Then I had an bad thought, what a slap in the face to other former players who put in the time as assistant coaches (Brian Shaw, Patrick Ewing) interview for head coachinigContinue reading “Jason Kidd interested in the Nets coaching job”

Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves

Rants- Ryan Braun and Alex Rodriquez and the other players that were caught in the newest PED scandal. Unless something out of the ordinary happens, this is possibly the end of ARod’s career as a Yankee and as a player, he won’t go quietly though and is going to fight MLB and the Yankees toContinue reading “Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves”

Jason Kidd retires …Hall of Fame next stop

After 19 NBA seasons the last one with the New York Knicks, Jason Kidd has decided to call it a career. He will go down as one of the greatest point guards to play the game with Oscar Roberston, Magic Johnson and others. I know other writers will quote stats as a way to measureContinue reading “Jason Kidd retires …Hall of Fame next stop”

The Return of Jeremy Lin: Will Knick fans Cheer or boo him

For three weeks, he was the toast of the town. He was everywhere, Linsanity was live and in person. Bigger than life, shirts, newspaper articles and blogs(including this one) were all about Jeremy Lin. He electrified Madison Square Garden. For a while at least he saved Mike Dantoni’s job. He stepped up when Carmelo wasContinue reading “The Return of Jeremy Lin: Will Knick fans Cheer or boo him”

Knicks, Nets the rivalry is on …for real

  For years the Knicks were good, very good, great kind of good back when Clyde, the Pearl, Dollar Bill,the captain Willis Reed and Dave DeBusschere ruled the court, ruled the city and finally ruled basketball. You couldn’t say you like basketball or play basketball and not either have a favorite knick or copied thatContinue reading “Knicks, Nets the rivalry is on …for real”

Knicks remain unbeaten 6-0 beat Spurs in San Antonio

Ok maybe the Knicks will be 82-0 after all. Just kidding, but seriously this Knick team plays as a team. On a night that Carmelo wasn’t Carmelo others stepped up and played well to lead the Knicks to a 104-100 win in SanAntonio against a very good Spurs team. The others include Ray Felton whoContinue reading “Knicks remain unbeaten 6-0 beat Spurs in San Antonio”

Knicks remain perfect make the Magic Disappear 99-89

The best start the Knicks have opened the season with was back in the 1993-94 championship run. It’s too early to say where this will be in context, but this is starting to have all the makings of another dare we say championship run? It’s nice to have another double digit win but what isContinue reading “Knicks remain perfect make the Magic Disappear 99-89”

Last unbeaten team in the NBA?…The New York Knicks

Ok I’m not expecting the Knicks to be 82-0 but let’s be honest here 4-0 ? Yes I’m liking it.  Every Knick fan that has sat through the Isiah Thomas era should be enjoying this. They are winning with defense!!!! And it is a good sight to see. Can they keep it up? We willContinue reading “Last unbeaten team in the NBA?…The New York Knicks”

Knicks Perfect after 3 games beat Philly again 110-88

  Can the Knicks play Philly every night? After seeing the Knicks the previous night, you would think the Sixers would be waiting in ambush for the Knicks. They were embarrassed in the Garden and were returning home to play the same Knick team again. Yet the Sixers after streaking off to a 14-4 leadContinue reading “Knicks Perfect after 3 games beat Philly again 110-88”