Smallthoughts: Rant of the Week…Mickey Callaway

If the Mets make the post season, it will be in spite of Mickey Callaway’s game management. If the Mets don’t make the post season it will be because of Mickey Callaway’s game management. Unless the Met offense can win every game out 10-0 Mickey Callaway is going to have to make decisions in aContinue reading “Smallthoughts: Rant of the Week…Mickey Callaway”

Joe Girardi stays with the Yankees …gets 4 year deal

Once upon a time the manager’s office at Yankee Stadium was a revolving door sometimes 2 0r 3 managers in a year from Billy Martin in 1978 to Bob Lemon back to Billy Martin a year later. Sometimes Yankee managers didn’t last 16 games(Yogi Berra), but since the Joe Torre era the manager’s office hasContinue reading “Joe Girardi stays with the Yankees …gets 4 year deal”

Ozzie Guillen one and done in Miami

To the surprise of no one, Ozzie Guillen was fired as manager of the Miami Marlins. They were expected to compete for the National League Eastern Division or at the very least for one of the two wildcards that was up for grabs this past season. Instead they finished last in the National League EastContinue reading “Ozzie Guillen one and done in Miami”

Small Thoughts: Rants and Raves

Note to my readers: My apologies for being a day late on my rants and raves, much to do so little time. But I did manage to keep up with the craziness of the baseball playoffs. Raves– Baltimore Orioles, at this time last year no one including the Orioles would have thought they would beContinue reading “Small Thoughts: Rants and Raves”