Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves

Rants: Greg Hardy…After reading the Deadspin article of what happened with Grady Hardy and Nicole Holder and seeing no remorse from Greg Hardy, the question is why is he playing football, after seeing the bruises on Holder’s back and chin he should not be allowed to play football ever.No man has the right to putContinue reading “Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves”

Jose Reyes arrested for Domestic Abuse

Normally Jose Reyes makes news for his running on the base paths today he makes news for quite another reason …domestic abuse towards his wife. Hawaii News Now, citing sources, said Reyes and his wife, Katherine, were arguing in their Four Seasons Wailea Hotel room. Katherine Reyes told police, according to the sources cited inContinue reading “Jose Reyes arrested for Domestic Abuse”

Rockies Trade Troy Tulowitzki to The Blue Jays for Jose Reyes

In  block buster that few saw coming …The Rockies traded their face of the franchise Troy Tulowitzki to the Toronto Blue jays for Jose Reyes and prospects. It was assumed that Tulowitzki wasn’t going to be moved for two reasons …he is injury- prone and his contract still has at least 5 years to runContinue reading “Rockies Trade Troy Tulowitzki to The Blue Jays for Jose Reyes”

Now that the Blue Jays got the players who’s the manager?

 Just a passing thought on the Blue Jays- Marlins trade, now that the Blue jays have some players, who is their manager going to be? Don’t forget their manager John Farrell is now in Boston manageing the RedSox, so who is next for the Blue Jays? Wouldn’t be funny if either Bobby Valentine or OzzieContinue reading “Now that the Blue Jays got the players who’s the manager?”

Marlins gutted yet again …this time they trade north of the border

You have to say this for the Marlins, coming off a 93 loss season that was both an embarrassment and disappointing they shook things up yet again.During the season they trade part of their team, to the midwest and then to the west coast. Now they are trading the rest to north of the border. OwnerContinue reading “Marlins gutted yet again …this time they trade north of the border”