Smallthoughts: Rave of the Week…Kevin Durant

Stop hating on Kevin Durant, stop with he took the easy way out to win a title nonsense. Tell me something who, what superstar was lining up to go to Oklahoma City to play with him and Russell Westbrook ? I’m waiting …yes exactly what I thought …no one, Wade went to Chicago…and LaMarcus AldridgeContinue reading “Smallthoughts: Rave of the Week…Kevin Durant”

Smallthoughts: Too Soon to Be harsh on Kevin Durant and the Warriors

Last night the Golden State Warriors played the San Antonio Spurs and the Spurs gave the Warriors more than a smacked them in the mouth …they  exposed them on the defensive end. One thing…it looks weird seeing the Spurs and not seeing Tim Duncan on the floor, this is Lamarcus Aldridge and Kawhi Leonard’s teamContinue reading “Smallthoughts: Too Soon to Be harsh on Kevin Durant and the Warriors”

Smallthoughts: Rant of the Week …Stephen A. Smith

Smallthoughts: Rant of the Week fall on ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith. “I view it as the weakest move I ever seen from a Superstar” “Jumping on the bandwagon”, He ran away … These were just some of the opinions of one Stephen A.Smith  of ESPN.(See video below) Never one to shy away from voicing his opinion his callingContinue reading “Smallthoughts: Rant of the Week …Stephen A. Smith”

OKC rebounds from Game 1 spanking to win Game 2 even series at 1-1

After smarting from the spanking the Thunder received in game 1 against the Clippers, Kevin Durant the newly crowned MVP showed why he is the league’s MVP as he and his thunder teammates beat the Clippers 112-101 to even the series at 1. Here are the highlights(Courtesy of youtube) including lights out and then finallyContinue reading “OKC rebounds from Game 1 spanking to win Game 2 even series at 1-1”

Kevin Durant wins MVP award

With all due respect to LeBron James and his legion of fans the best player won the MVP award. Kevin Durant carried his team when Russell Westbrook was out and even Lebron said Durant deserved the MVP award. In a ceremony awarding the Thunder’s star the MVP , Durant gave a very moving touching andContinue reading “Kevin Durant wins MVP award”

Nets bounce back with Win in OKC

For a team who only managed to score 5 points in the 3rd quarter against the San Antonio Spurs the game before, they did a complete reversal and played with spunk and did the unthinkable beating the Thunder in Oklahoma City 110-93. It was the backcourt of Joe Johnson and Deron Williams that led theContinue reading “Nets bounce back with Win in OKC”