Timberwolves give Kevin Garnett 2 more years

There are times when Kevin Garnett looked like he was done as a player on the court, but apparently the Timberwolves don’t believe so. So they signed Garnett to a 2 year contract. Insuring that the big man will finish his career with the same team he started his career with. Garnett spent his firstContinue reading “Timberwolves give Kevin Garnett 2 more years”

SmallThoughts: Rants and Raves

Rants:Donald Sterling…he just doesn’t get it. The more he talks the more he shows how much it’s time for him to just sell the team and go away. His attack on Magic Johnson was ill advised not because it was Magic Johnson but because it showed how deep his views on racism runs. Rants:Kevin GarnettContinue reading “SmallThoughts: Rants and Raves”

Nets are a chatty bunch about taking over New York …

We all know how much Paul Pierce hates New York in aoreticular the Knicks and how much he takes delight in beating the Knicks so coming to the Nets, coming to Brooklyn the former Celtic is taking it to another level. During an interview with ESPN NewYork 98.7 FM, the former Boston Celtics swingman statedContinue reading “Nets are a chatty bunch about taking over New York …”

Nets interested in Kevin Garnett

According to one published report, the Brooklyn Nets are interested in bringing Kevin Garnett from Boston to Brooklyn and pair him with Deron Williams. The Nets have made inquires to Boston about Garnett who has a no trade clause in his contract. Billy King, the Nets GM has been interested in acquiring Garnett for sometime.Continue reading “Nets interested in Kevin Garnett”

Celtics win again without Rondo, Clippers looking to make a move to get Garnett

Things weren’t looking good for the men in green up in Boston. They were looking old slow and feisty and then they lost their best player in Rajon Rondo. Yes it was looking bleak for the Celtics. No one was throwing them a pity party to be sure. So amid rumors that the Celtics wereContinue reading “Celtics win again without Rondo, Clippers looking to make a move to get Garnett”