Smallthoughts: Does Kobe Bryant Rake Among the Best?

Wednesday night I was getting texts from a friend of mine while Kobe Bryant was scoring 60 against the Jazz in the final game of his career …I kept getting text …KOBE KOBE Kobe baby …60 …2nd greatest player behind Jordan… oh yes those were real text. He ranked Kobe 2nd behind Jordan because heContinue reading “Smallthoughts: Does Kobe Bryant Rake Among the Best?”

Michael Jordan …In my prime I would beat Lebron one on one but not…Kobe

Scary…almost like looking in the mirror but after watching this video I’d almost believe Jordan. It has always been my belief that Kobe was closet in skill to Jordan not lebron. Lebron is more closer to Magic Johnson. It’s funny that Jordan thinks more of Kobe than Lebron. Lebron has that rare raw physical presenceContinue reading “Michael Jordan …In my prime I would beat Lebron one on one but not…Kobe”

Carmelo to the Lakers in 2014 ? Can’t see it

Never say Never , I know I know but I read a report that with the Lakers losing Dwight Howard and the Lakers with cap space to play with would be looking at bringing Carmelo Anthony to LA. Never mind the fact that Kobe will still be on the roster and we all know howContinue reading “Carmelo to the Lakers in 2014 ? Can’t see it”

The Lakers are on the Fringe of the Playoffs …will they get in?

Right now the Los Angeles Lakers are in the unusual position of not only being the second team in LA but in ninth place in the Western Conference a half game behind the Utah Jazz. The Jazz seem to have stepped their game which means the Lakers are in big trouble. The Jazz have 7Continue reading “The Lakers are on the Fringe of the Playoffs …will they get in?”

Small thoughts: Rants and Raves

Rants- Darrelle Revis for whinning that the Jets management didn’t call him to tell him he isn’t getting traded. Seriously Darrelle? You are quick to call it a business when you are looking to get paid, how come you don’t think it’s a business when the team is looking to improve and it’s possible thatContinue reading “Small thoughts: Rants and Raves”

Small thoughts Rants and Raves

Rants Hedo Turkoglu not for getting busted for 20 games for using a banned substance, but for using the poor excuse I didn’t know what I was taking excuse. You’re an athlete, your body is your temple, how do you not know what you are taking in your body? really? Seriously? Rants New York MetsContinue reading “Small thoughts Rants and Raves”

Kobe and the Lakers visit Brooklyn and walk out with a win

The Lakers were at the start of the game with the Nets 4 games under 500. Short handed with Dwight Howard out due to injury and Metta World Peace sitting out this game due to suspension.Pau Gasol couldn’t finish the game and could be out for a while with an injuried foot. Everything hasn’t goneContinue reading “Kobe and the Lakers visit Brooklyn and walk out with a win”

Just when you thought the Lakers had it figured out…

It didn’t last long, the good feelings that come from winning 3 striaght. Yes the wins were at home but when you are the Lakers and you are reeling as bad as they were a win is a win. Too bad the Lakers had to take their act on the road where they were 5-15Continue reading “Just when you thought the Lakers had it figured out…”