Smallthoughts:Old School Tuesday …Lawrence Taylor

I was a little surprised that I have not done a Old School Tuesday on LT, and if you are going to talk about hardest hitters Lawrence Taylor has to be on the list. Below are videos of Lawrence Taylor’s hardest hits … Most noted for his hit on Joe Theisman which effectively ended Theisman’sContinue reading “Smallthoughts:Old School Tuesday …Lawrence Taylor”

What would be the Mount Rushmore of Football?

Remember some time back there was a debate about the MountRush of the NBA, and the comments were attributed to LeBron James? It got people talking for sure, but it also got me thinking …What would be the Mount Rushmore of Football in this case the NFL? So like with most sports related debates itContinue reading “What would be the Mount Rushmore of Football?”

1986 a crazy year to be a New York Sports fan…

It wasn’t until I was watching the Lawrence Taylor documentary that I realized that 1986 was a crazy year in New York Sports…think about it the Giants win the Super Bowl, Lawrence Taylor is at his peak, the Mets win the 1986 World Series and one of their leaders on that team was Keith HernandezContinue reading “1986 a crazy year to be a New York Sports fan…”

LT: The Life and Times …Lawrence Taylor

If you have Showtime and you have the chance please watch this show LT: the life and Times. If you are a Giants fan you will love the interviews with Beasley Reece, Bill Parcells, Carl Banks, Phil Simms and Steve DeOssie. This documentary tells all the dirt about the life of Lawrence Taylor and heContinue reading “LT: The Life and Times …Lawrence Taylor”