Jeff Van Gundy Considered for Clippers coaching job

The Clippers have reached out to Jeff Van Gundy to gage interest in their head coaching position. If the Clippers are reaching out to Van Gundy they are serious about winning and resigning Chris Paul. Let’s be honest you don’t inquire of a coach of Jeff Van Gundy’s caliber if you are not serious aboutContinue reading “Jeff Van Gundy Considered for Clippers coaching job”

Vinnie Del Negro out as Clippers Head coach

Despite posting the franchise’s best record in history with 56 wins Vinnie Del Negro is out as Clippers head coach.Losing the first round series against the Memphis Grizzles, in addition to Chris paul wanting a new head coach made it easy for the Clippers not to offer Del Negro a new contract. He did notContinue reading “Vinnie Del Negro out as Clippers Head coach”

Rumor: Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Clippers Discussing Blockbuster?

I stumbled across this rumor and as I read it my reaction was um no. So here is the article that I am refering to on Yahoo. Following early playoff exits for both teams, reports are now surfacing that the Los Angeles Clippers and Boston Celtics may be discussing a blockbuster deal. In the rumoredContinue reading “Rumor: Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Clippers Discussing Blockbuster?”

NBA trade deadline approaching …is Garnett going to be a Clipper?

The Celtics seem interested, the Clippers are very interested, Kevin Garnett hasn;t said he is not interested, so what’s the deal? The proposed deal is Kevin Garnett to the Clippers for DeAndre Jordan and Eric Bledsoe. Teaming Garnett with Blake Griffin and Chris Paul is very inticing. So why is it taking so long toContinue reading “NBA trade deadline approaching …is Garnett going to be a Clipper?”

Small thoughts Rants and Raves

Rants- Laker coach Mike Brown     for reinserting Dwight Howard in a blow out of the Detroit Pistons. Howard who is recovering from back surgery should have been done for the night, but Coach Brown, wanted the margin of victory to be 20 points or more. Really? Seriously?  Did Brown have a bet on the game?Continue reading “Small thoughts Rants and Raves”