Knicks keep rolling beat Former Coach Mike Dantoni and the Lakers

  http:// Carmelo Anthony was on fire in the first half of the game scoring 22 of his 30 points. The Knicks beat the Lakers 116-107 with a lead as big as 26 points on yes you guessed it 3 point shooting. Yet the Knicks lost Anthony to injury to his left  ankle in theContinue reading “Knicks keep rolling beat Former Coach Mike Dantoni and the Lakers”

Magic Johnson rips Lakers’ Jim Buss

  When Magic Johnson speaks people listen, so he had plenty to say about the Phil Jackson not being hired by the Lakers saga. Magic Johnson made his feelings clear that the Lakers and in particular Jim Buss missed a bog opportunity in not hiring Phil Jackson. “Love Dr. Buss. I don’t believe in JimContinue reading “Magic Johnson rips Lakers’ Jim Buss”

Who Knew? Dantoni New Laker coach

I will be the first to admit I didn’t see this coming, in fact when I wrong my entry about the Mike brown firing I did mention Dantoni but dismissed it because, to win championships you have to play defense, which Dantoni detest. So in  move that stunned everyone, the Lakers hired Mike Dantoni asContinue reading “Who Knew? Dantoni New Laker coach”

Small thoughts Rants and Raves

Rants- Laker coach Mike Brown     for reinserting Dwight Howard in a blow out of the Detroit Pistons. Howard who is recovering from back surgery should have been done for the night, but Coach Brown, wanted the margin of victory to be 20 points or more. Really? Seriously?  Did Brown have a bet on the game?Continue reading “Small thoughts Rants and Raves”