Te’o Hoax is too weird for words…

If everyone is entitled to their 15 minutes of fame they should at least be prepared to make it count for something worth while. The Manti Te’o fake girlfriend isn’t worth all the attention for the 15 minutes of fame that it receives. It is sad the more details are revealed the more sadder itContinue reading “Te’o Hoax is too weird for words…”

Manti Te’o a sad story of lies and deceipt

He is one of the biggest stars in College Football playing in on of the most reknowned legendary┬ácolleges in the country. He suffered tragedy and the football world felt his pain, losing his grandmother was hard enough, but losing your girlfriend, six hours after losing your grandmother wow, devastating. Only now we find out thatContinue reading “Manti Te’o a sad story of lies and deceipt”