Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves

Rants: New York Giants…normally a model franchise on how to handle situations with class. But in a season that has gotten out of control on the playing field, management owes head coach Tom Coughlin and the fans a statement on the coach’s status. He should be allowed to return. The players still play hard forContinue reading “Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves”

Sanchez has tear in shoulder …surgery likely could miss the regular season

According to a published report on NBC Sports: After a dismal performance from Geno Smith in the New York Jets’ third preseason game against the New York Giants, it seemed as though Mark Sanchez was destined to win the Jets starting quarterback job. That was right up until Sanchez injured his shoulder in garbage timeContinue reading “Sanchez has tear in shoulder …surgery likely could miss the regular season”

Geno Smith to start third preseason game for the Jets

According to published reports: The New York Jets have not decided whether Geno Smith or Mark Sanchez will start at quarterback this season, but it appears Smith is being given a golden opportunity to win the job. Smith, a second-round pick this offseason, might have unseated Sanchez during the second preseason game without even playing.Continue reading “Geno Smith to start third preseason game for the Jets”

Jets QB Garrard plans to retire

6 quarterbacks were on the New York Jets roster only one was going to be the starter. So the competition was going to be fierce right? Tebow was cut by the Jets so that left 5 quarterbacks. Now there is 4 quarterbacks. David Garrard who many belived was going to be the opening day starter,Continue reading “Jets QB Garrard plans to retire”

Now that the SuperBowl is over…it’s back to business

The biggest game of the NFL season is finally over. The winners are basking in the after glow of their victory while everyone else is now looking to find a way to get that same feeling that the Ravens are having right now. Yes it is back to business NFL style. The Jets will beContinue reading “Now that the SuperBowl is over…it’s back to business”

Sanchez to start …Mc Elroy has concussion

Yes the Jets always find a way to make news and give anyone with the pen and paper a reason to keep writing. It seems now that the starting quarterback for this Sunday Greg Mc Elroy was working out in the gym lifting weights and started getting headaches. After meeting with team doctors he hasContinue reading “Sanchez to start …Mc Elroy has concussion”

Does Rex Ryan deserve to be brought back as Jets Head coach?

 When Rex Ryan first arrived as the Jets head coach, he was a breath of fresh air. He spoke his mind, was fun and was ready to take on the Patriots not trying to make the Jets another version of the Patriots. The previous coach Eric Mangini, was tight, tight lipped and was choking theContinue reading “Does Rex Ryan deserve to be brought back as Jets Head coach?”

Jets Bench Sanchez …Mc Elroy to start

 To the surprise of no one, the Jets have benched Quarterback Mark Sanchez. The starter on Sunday will be Greg Mc Elroy. No announcement was made as to who will be the backup to Greg McElroy. One has the feeling that sanchez has quarterbacked his last game in New York. He has lost confidence in himself,Continue reading “Jets Bench Sanchez …Mc Elroy to start”

Jets playoff hopes are over

 Whatever slim chances the New York Jets had at making the playoffs are over. The Titans escaped with a 14-10 victory and I do mean escaped. The Jets had the ball on the final poessesion of the game driving down field onthe Titans running the ball well. A touchdown wins the game, yes the Jets wereContinue reading “Jets playoff hopes are over”

Jets go with Sanchez as starter

The way the Jets handled renaming Sanchez as the starter you would have though a change was coming. But apparently not. Mark Sanchez may be down but not out as Jets quarterback. Head coach Rex Ryan has announced that Sanchez will be the starter on Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars. ”I have to get thisContinue reading “Jets go with Sanchez as starter”