Smallthoughts:Rants and Raves

Rants: Cris Carter… What was Cris Carter thinking when he told a bunch of rookies that they should have a fall guy when they get into trouble? How about just tell them not to get into trouble in the first place and you wouldn’t need to worry about having a fall guy or anything else?Continue reading “Smallthoughts:Rants and Raves”

Nick Foles to start the rest of the season …Vick will back up

In a move that was no surprise to anyone around the Eagles, Head coach Chip Kelly named Nick Foles the starter for the rest of the season.”Nick will be our starter,” Kelly said. ”And hopefully we get Mike (Vick) back through a full week of practice and he’ll be able to be the No. 2Continue reading “Nick Foles to start the rest of the season …Vick will back up”

Riley Cooper, Cary Williams scuffle at practice

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — The first punch thrown at Riley Cooper since it became known he made a racial remark didn’t come from an opponent, but a teammate. Cooper, who left the Philadelphia Eagles for three days in training camp after a video of him using the N-word surfaced on the Internet, found himself in aContinue reading “Riley Cooper, Cary Williams scuffle at practice”

Chip Kelly names Michael Vick his starter…was there any doubt?

Unless Michael Vick completely forgot how to play football, it would be hard to imagine Chip Kelly naming anyone else the starter at quarterback. Nick Foles is good and presented a challenge but Vick was starting it just was question if he had anything left. After last season he looked done. Kelly at least hadContinue reading “Chip Kelly names Michael Vick his starter…was there any doubt?”

Kelly changes his mind goes to Philly to coach Eagles

 First Chip Kelly intereviewed for the Eagles job liked it and wanted it then decided against it. ten days later, he changed his mind and later this afternoon he is going to be introduced as the Philadelphia Eagles new head coach. He replaces Andy Reid who was fired at season’s end after two terrible yearsContinue reading “Kelly changes his mind goes to Philly to coach Eagles”

What went wrong with the Philadelphia Eagles?

 They were supposed to be a SuperBowl contender in 2011 in fact Vince Young who was the back up quarterback at the time was moved to called the Eagles the Dream Team. The dream turned into a nightmare quickly. The team that was supposed to win the division and march through the playoffs finished theContinue reading “What went wrong with the Philadelphia Eagles?”

Andy Reid or Michael Vick, who will take the fall for the Eagles Failures?

He is the longest tenured coachwith one team in both the NFC East and in the NFL right now. With 14 years as headcoach of the Eagles, Andy Reid is the bedrock of the Eagles. Players have come and gone Donavan Mcnabb, Brian WestBrook among others and yet Andy Reid is still here. Michael Vick isContinue reading “Andy Reid or Michael Vick, who will take the fall for the Eagles Failures?”

Are the Eagles out for the count?

The Eagles are 3-5 and fading fast and don’t look good doing it. They are in that exclusive club with the Dallas Cowboys, who are also 3-5. The club I am refering to is the coulda, woulda, shoulda club. Both have the talent on paper to win the division, and be considered as Super bowl contenders,Continue reading “Are the Eagles out for the count?”