Dantoni to Blast off with Rockets

When Mike Dantoni was out as Laker coach …I thought we saw the last of him and his 7 seconds or less offense that he used in Phoenix, tried to use in New York, couldn’t make work in Los Angeles but yet will get another chance in Houston. He will get a 4 year 16Continue reading “Dantoni to Blast off with Rockets”

Mike Dantoni resigns as Laker coach

Tell me if you heard this before …Mike Dantoni reisgns as…Knick head coach now fast forward to the present and …Mike Dantoni resigns as …Laker head coach see a pattern here? Two big city markets and one coach both times have had his job security openly questioned as well as his system openly critizied often.Continue reading “Mike Dantoni resigns as Laker coach”

Lakers are a mess …

Yes to say the Lakers are a mess is an understatement to be sure. They have become a traveling soap opera the equal to what the New York Knicks were under Isiah Thomas.Yes it is that bad. To make it worse there are no quick fixes in store for this team. Despite rumors to theContinue reading “Lakers are a mess …”

Kobe: This isn’t working

For Knicks fan out there who think the knicks have problems with teams like the Nets..well maybe trade places with the Lakers and Kobe bryant who has bigger problems.It’s so bad for Kobe and the Lakers that he admits it isn’t working. He has been left groping for answers. And he has come to theContinue reading “Kobe: This isn’t working”

Magic Johnson rips Lakers’ Jim Buss

  When Magic Johnson speaks people listen, so he had plenty to say about the Phil Jackson not being hired by the Lakers saga. Magic Johnson made his feelings clear that the Lakers and in particular Jim Buss missed a bog opportunity in not hiring Phil Jackson. “Love Dr. Buss. I don’t believe in JimContinue reading “Magic Johnson rips Lakers’ Jim Buss”

Who Knew? Dantoni New Laker coach

I will be the first to admit I didn’t see this coming, in fact when I wrong my entry about the Mike brown firing I did mention Dantoni but dismissed it because, to win championships you have to play defense, which Dantoni detest. So in  move that stunned everyone, the Lakers hired Mike Dantoni asContinue reading “Who Knew? Dantoni New Laker coach”