Greinke hurt in Brawl vs Padres

The Los Angeles Dodgers spent 147 million dollars on Zach Greinke to throw baseballs not fist or shoulders in to opposing players. Greinke broke his collarbone in a brawl which was trigged by a pitch by Greinke that hit Padres slugger Carlos Quentin who was hit in the lefy shoulder. After he was plunked onContinue reading “Greinke hurt in Brawl vs Padres”

Mets win in Philly …Matt Harvey Dominates

Matt Harvey reared back and fired a 98 mph fastball on his 102nd pitch, and finished up with five more clocked at 95.On a night when Roy Halladay looked more like an aging star on the decline, Harvey showed he’s got the stuff to replace him as the big-time ace in the NL East. ”AContinue reading “Mets win in Philly …Matt Harvey Dominates”

Bryce Harper : What can he do for an Encore?

The Washington Nationals are expected to easily one of the best teams in the National League. They are expected to make the post season, some will have them going all the way to the World Series. For lack of a better phrase they are loaded for bear. They have the pitching, the hitting the defense,Continue reading “Bryce Harper : What can he do for an Encore?”