The Spurs beat the Heat take 2-1 lead in series

Lebron bounced back from cramps in game 1 to take charge in game 2 …could the Heat take a 2-1 lead in the series? Could the cramp game inspire the Heat to keep winning? Or would the Spurs answer back with a win of their own? Game 3 highlights…enjoy!

Miami 95 Spurs 88 Heat repeats as Champs

I did say before the start of this series that this would go 7 games. I had picked the Spurs to win it all. I was right about 7 games wrong about the Spurs winning it all. But they came close and had their chances to win this series. Now that the season and theContinue reading “Miami 95 Spurs 88 Heat repeats as Champs”

Game 7 is the moment of truth for LeBron

In Basketball, Baseball and Hockey, players often talk about you live to play in a game 7. Everything is on the line there no tomorrows at that point. This is true of tonight’s game with the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs. This is it game 7 there are no more tomorrows for bothContinue reading “Game 7 is the moment of truth for LeBron”

Chris Bosh to fans who left early : Don’t come back for game 7

Up until game 6 Tuesday night did you even know that Chris Bosh was on the floor during the NBA Finals let alone in the building? He hasn’t exactly distingushed himself during the Finals and actually except for the final minutes of game 6 he was used and abused by Tim Duncan. So how doesContinue reading “Chris Bosh to fans who left early : Don’t come back for game 7”

The Heat escape getting burned …next up game 7

Two big blocks by Chris Bosh at the end of the game which went into overtime, save the Heat’s season. The Heat beat the Spurs 103-100. The series is now tied at 3 games a piece. Game 7 is on Thursday in Miami. The Spurs now have to win game 7 on the road ifContinue reading “The Heat escape getting burned …next up game 7”

If the Heat lose …where does that rate Lebron?

Game 6 is tonight in Miami. Heat, Spurs. For the Spurs it is a chance to put the nail in the coffin and get ring number 5 and to do it against a in his prime Lebron James. For the Heat game 6 is really for them game 7. They lose they go home it’sContinue reading “If the Heat lose …where does that rate Lebron?”

Miami’s Big 3 is really it’s Big 1

The 27 win streak was impressive, the Heat looked like they would march striaght to the NBA finals and take the trophy without a sweat. It hasn’t quite happened the way most thought it would, but they are here in the NBA Finals. Problem is the Heat’s big 3 is the big 1. But IContinue reading “Miami’s Big 3 is really it’s Big 1”

Spurs burn Heat but it wasn’t their big 3 …who was those guys

The fact that the Spurs beat the Heat shouldn’t come as a surprise , it was who beat the Heat that would surprise many. Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker if those 3 beat you, you ok tip your hat and go get ready for the next game if your the Heat but Gary NealContinue reading “Spurs burn Heat but it wasn’t their big 3 …who was those guys”

NBA Finals game 1 goes to the Spurs 92-88

For LeBron James a triple Double wasn’t enough to beat the Spurs. Tim Duncan got in to early foul trouble and Dwayne Wade came to play early yet the game came down to Tony Parker and his crazy shot a shot that almost didn’t happen. “He had LeBron on him,” said Manu Ginobili, shaking hisContinue reading “NBA Finals game 1 goes to the Spurs 92-88”