Game 4 Spurs vs.Thunder highlights

After the first two games of this playoff series it looked like this was over early and that San Antonio was heading to the NBA finals and with Serge Ilbarka out due to injury it looked like the Spurs would get there without a fight from Durant and Westbrook….not so fast …the Thunder have bandedContinue reading “Game 4 Spurs vs.Thunder highlights”

Miami Heat vs Indiana Pacers game 4 highlights

Since the playoffs ended last season all we heard was how much Indiana would challeneg the Heat for supermacy in the East, well the pacers had talked long and hard about how they wanted the Heat …if you go by the playoffs this season the Pacers don’t want any parts of the Heat, and ofContinue reading “Miami Heat vs Indiana Pacers game 4 highlights”

Spurs rip Thunder 112-77

Who said the Spurs are old? Who said Duncan is done and too slow? Did the Thunder get the number of the truck that hit them? The Spurs came out in the second half after a competitive first half and blew the doors off the Thunder to a 112-77 win to take a commanding 2-0Continue reading “Spurs rip Thunder 112-77”

OKC rebounds from Game 1 spanking to win Game 2 even series at 1-1

After smarting from the spanking the Thunder received in game 1 against the Clippers, Kevin Durant the newly crowned MVP showed why he is the league’s MVP as he and his thunder teammates beat the Clippers 112-101 to even the series at 1. Here are the highlights(Courtesy of youtube) including lights out and then finallyContinue reading “OKC rebounds from Game 1 spanking to win Game 2 even series at 1-1”

Pacers win game 2 vs. the Wizards…There was a Roy Hibbert sighting

The much maligned Indian Pacers center Roy Hibbert showed up for game 2 after having 0 points and 0 rebs for game one. He finally made his presence felt and in game 2 responded with 28 points. “We didn’t call any more plays for Roy tonight,” Pacers coach Frank Vogel explained after the win. “HeContinue reading “Pacers win game 2 vs. the Wizards…There was a Roy Hibbert sighting”

Heat burn Nets 107-86 game 1

So much for the Nets having the Heat’s number. Maybe they should get the number of the truck that ran over them because you can see the tire marks the Heat left on the Nets for miles. The Nets who swept the Heat during the regular season had to believe they could play with theContinue reading “Heat burn Nets 107-86 game 1”