Knicks keep rolling beat Former Coach Mike Dantoni and the Lakers

  http:// Carmelo Anthony was on fire in the first half of the game scoring 22 of his 30 points. The Knicks beat the Lakers 116-107 with a lead as big as 26 points on yes you guessed it 3 point shooting. Yet the Knicks lost Anthony to injury to his left ¬†ankle in theContinue reading “Knicks keep rolling beat Former Coach Mike Dantoni and the Lakers”

Small Thoughts: Rants and Raves 12-14-12

Rants:NFL for even trying to consider adding another playoff team or two to an already perfect playoff system, and by considering going to a no kick off format, which would rob the fans of the excitement of a breath taking run back that changes the course of a game. Rants: NHL for cancelling games throughContinue reading “Small Thoughts: Rants and Raves 12-14-12”

Knicks, Nets the rivalry is on …for real

  For years the Knicks were good, very good, great kind of good back when Clyde, the Pearl, Dollar Bill,the captain Willis Reed and Dave DeBusschere ruled the court, ruled the city and finally ruled basketball. You couldn’t say you like basketball or play basketball and not either have a favorite knick or copied thatContinue reading “Knicks, Nets the rivalry is on …for real”

Knicks vs Nets part 1 ..Nets win the Battle in Brooklyn… for now

The battle in Brooklyn was played lastnight andthe winner was…the Brooklyn Nets 96-89 in a game that went into overtime. The Knicks were without Jason Kidd and that might have been the difference throughout this game for the Knicks.He has been the catalyst in the Knicks start to the season on both ends of theContinue reading “Knicks vs Nets part 1 ..Nets win the Battle in Brooklyn… for now”

Small thoughts Rants and Raves

Rants- New York Jets for a team that talks a lot they have very little to show. Two years ago this team looked like a legit Super Bowl contender, then last season was a stinker and they finished 8-8. So instead of truly fixing the offensive line, getting a real pass rusher, and perhaps aContinue reading “Small thoughts Rants and Raves”

Knicks remain perfect make the Magic Disappear 99-89

The best start the Knicks have opened the season with was back in the 1993-94 championship run. It’s too early to say where this will be in context, but this is starting to have all the makings of another dare we say championship run? It’s nice to have another double digit win but what isContinue reading “Knicks remain perfect make the Magic Disappear 99-89”