Monday Morning Quarterbacking …Jets lose to the Pats, The Giants lose to the Broncos

Thursday night’s game that featured the New York Jets vs the New England Patriots gave us a couple of glimpses of two franchises heading in two different directions. The Patriots were misfiring on all cylinders and left Tom Brady visably frustrated something we haven’t seen before. The Jets do not have the playmakers on offenseContinue reading “Monday Morning Quarterbacking …Jets lose to the Pats, The Giants lose to the Broncos”

Manning vs Manning a Sunday treat

The NFL schedule makers did football fans in both New York and Denver a big solid by having the Broncos and the Giants play each other week two this season. Coming off week one the Giants are in need of a win if nothing else to get the season off to a better start. ButContinue reading “Manning vs Manning a Sunday treat”

Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves

Rants- New York Giants This is a first for us here at Smallthoughtsinasportsworld. Usually the Giants are the stable barely get the headlines team in New york, but this knack for losing of late and the finger pointing that is going on, is unGiant like. The Defense which was one time decent is springing leaksContinue reading “Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves”

Peyton Manning, Adrian Peterson, or Tom Brady … who is the league MVP?

With the 2012 NFL season coming down to the final 2 weeks of  the season, there are some stories that continue to bear watching. The rookies: Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson, and Andrew Luck continue their season long battle as to who will be the league’s top rookie. I’t too close to tell. If you’re a RedskinsContinue reading “Peyton Manning, Adrian Peterson, or Tom Brady … who is the league MVP?”

Jets 35- Colts 9? who knew?

It was looking very bleek for Gang Green. Nothing was going right, and yes here at Smallthoughtsinasportsworld we called for changes. Shone Greene to be shown the bench, Joe McKnight to get playing time and Tim Tebow to be a fulltime running back. Well it looks like the Jets knew best. Greene(161 yds) ran like heContinue reading “Jets 35- Colts 9? who knew?”