No Kerr, No coach, where do the Knicks go from here?

It was believed Steve Kerr would be the next coach of the New york Knicks. As it turns out Kerr is the next coach of the Golden State Warriors. The talk about th Warriors having a better roster, and the fact that Kerr didn’t want to move and that it was close to home isContinue reading “No Kerr, No coach, where do the Knicks go from here?”

Knicks fire Mike Woodson as head coach

Let’s be honest we knew this was coming. Woodson knew it was coming everyone on the coaching staff not named Herb Williams knew it was coming yet it still had to hurt. For a head coach to win 54 games the season before, lead his team to the playoffs, win the division and then theContinue reading “Knicks fire Mike Woodson as head coach”

Should the Knicks re-sign Carmelo Anthony?

He forced the Denver Nuggets to trade him here. The Knicks are his hometown team. Bernard King was his favorite Knick. Get the picture? Despite a disappointing season in which the Knicks didn’t make the playoffs, despite rumors that the Bulls are interested in him …It is my belief that Carmelo Anthony will remain aContinue reading “Should the Knicks re-sign Carmelo Anthony?”

Phil Jackson takes over the Knicks…Dolan out of the picture…for now

Today was a landmark day for the New York Knicks one of their own from their championship past has come home. Not to play, not to coach, but the next best thing …putting together a championship team and a winning culture, something that keeps alluding this franchise since Patrick Ewing, walked out the door atContinue reading “Phil Jackson takes over the Knicks…Dolan out of the picture…for now”

Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday …Phil Jackson

In light of the New York Knicks recent hire of Phil Jackson as President of basketball operations of the franchise, Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday decided to introduce you to Phil Jackson the Knick player from back in the day. Jackson was limited offensively but made up for it with defense and rebounding (sounds familiar toContinue reading “Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday …Phil Jackson”

Jackson returns to the Knicks to run the front office

It is true Knick fans…the man who has tweeked the Knicks every chance he got , the man who took delight in beating the Knicks first with Michael Jordan and then with Kobe Bryant now returns to broadway …starring in his own production of reshaping the Knicks in his image. As the man calling theContinue reading “Jackson returns to the Knicks to run the front office”

Will Jackson say yes to the Knicks at the end of the week?

Reports have circulated all week that the New York Knicks and Phil Jackson have been in talks for Jackson to become Head of Basketball operations. There was a report earlier in the day Tuesday that there would be a announcement by the end of the week or early next week. Jackson as you recall hadContinue reading “Will Jackson say yes to the Knicks at the end of the week?”

Nets interested in Phil Jackson

Once PJ Carlesimo was fired, you knew it was going to be Phil Jackson on the short list of people Owner Mikhail Prokhorov wanted to hire. So to the surprise of no one the Nets are interested in talking to Phil Jackson. The bigger question is Would Jackson be interested in the Nets? That questionContinue reading “Nets interested in Phil Jackson”

Phil Jackson advising the Pistons in coaching search…

In a report, covered by the Sports Xchange the Detroit Pistons have turned to Phil Jackson to help with their coaching search. Jackson, who coached the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers to a combined 11 NBA championships, will travel to Detroit next week to offer counsel to Pistons management on the team’s needs. WhileContinue reading “Phil Jackson advising the Pistons in coaching search…”

Back to the Future: What can Brown do for the Cavs?

I’m not sure if Phil Jackson is available why if I am the Cleveland Cavaliers would I be talking to Mike Brown? Did they go down this road together before? So why do this again especially since Phil Jackson has made it clear he wants back in the game and the Cavs have the capContinue reading “Back to the Future: What can Brown do for the Cavs?”