Magic Johnson rips Lakers’ Jim Buss

  When Magic Johnson speaks people listen, so he had plenty to say about the Phil Jackson not being hired by the Lakers saga. Magic Johnson made his feelings clear that the Lakers and in particular Jim Buss missed a bog opportunity in not hiring Phil Jackson. “Love Dr. Buss. I don’t believe in JimContinue reading “Magic Johnson rips Lakers’ Jim Buss”

Lakers didn’t want to Power up with Phil

It’s not everyday that when it comes to employment you get to call the shots so to speak, especially when an perpective employer calls you to join their organization. So when you have the opportunity to name your price,what do you do? You jump at the chance and ask for the moon hopiing you getContinue reading “Lakers didn’t want to Power up with Phil”

Who Knew? Dantoni New Laker coach

I will be the first to admit I didn’t see this coming, in fact when I wrong my entry about the Mike brown firing I did mention Dantoni but dismissed it because, to win championships you have to play defense, which Dantoni detest. So in  move that stunned everyone, the Lakers hired Mike Dantoni asContinue reading “Who Knew? Dantoni New Laker coach”

Who will be the Next Laker Coach?… Here’s a couple of choices:Brian Shaw, Jeff Van Gundy,

For once the circus is 3000 miles away from Madison Square Garden. It is not the Knicks that are out of control or stirring up controversary. Out in Los Angeles, the debate rages on as to who the next Laker coach is going to be. There is a big push to bring Phil Jackson backContinue reading “Who will be the Next Laker Coach?… Here’s a couple of choices:Brian Shaw, Jeff Van Gundy,”

Mike Brown fired as Laker Coach …Long term replacement not named

A 1-4 start, the team’s superstar and de facto general manager isn’t happy with the coach and gave a icy stare during the game the other night that could kill. It spelled the end for the headcoach. No this isn’t the Knicks we are talking about. It’s the glamour team of the NBA, the LosContinue reading “Mike Brown fired as Laker Coach …Long term replacement not named”