Smallthoughts:Old School Tuesday…Ed Bolden

I came across this while on Twitter. Chuck D twitted about Black history and how it slowly fades as older generations die off then he gave an example and stated did you know that a black woman actually owned a Negro League team her name was Hilda Bolden. So as I started researching this IContinue reading “Smallthoughts:Old School Tuesday…Ed Bolden”

Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday …Ivan DeJesus

DeJesús is noteworthy for being involved in two trades that played significantly in the fortunes of the teams involved. In 1976, he was traded along with Bill Buckner from the Dodgers to the Cubs for Rick Monday. In 1981, he was traded from the Cubs to the Phillies for Ryne Sandberg and Larry Bowa. In 1977, he had 595 assists, theContinue reading “Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday …Ivan DeJesus”

Smallthoughts:Rave of the Week…Yoenis Cespedes

If there were any doubts as to whether Yoenis Cespedes would perform up to his 110 million dollar contract …there should be no doubts anymore. He had a week in a day. 3 homers in a week will make a player feel good ask Jay Bruce he has been on a tear recently too butContinue reading “Smallthoughts:Rave of the Week…Yoenis Cespedes”

Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday…Al Oliver

Al Oliver was probably one of the least recognized great hitters during his time with the Pittsburgh Pirates , Texas Rangers, Montreal Expos among other teams. I never understood why. Maybe because he didn’t hit 30 homeruns like Willie Stargell but he hit over 300 11 times in his career and had a career battingContinue reading “Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday…Al Oliver”

Dykstra Blackmailed Umpires using a Private Investigation Team

In his own words on  Colin Cowherd’s show “The Herd” Former Met and Phillie Lenny Dykstra dropped a bomb when admitted he blackmailed umpires into getting better calls at the plate by using a private investigation team to  get the dirt on the umps. “It wasn’t a coincidence, do you think, that I led theContinue reading “Dykstra Blackmailed Umpires using a Private Investigation Team”

Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday …Tug McGraw

In light of the Mets clinching the National League East Division with a unlikely run Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday spotlights members of the 1973 New York Mets team that made a unlikely run all the way to the world series.  We start with the man that made Mets fans  believe …Tug McGraw He is  bestContinue reading “Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday …Tug McGraw”

Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday …Dale Murphy

Dale Murphy started his career as a catcher but was switch to the outfield after his promotion to the Major leagues. Murphy switched to the outfield in 1980, a move that would help initiate a decade of highly productive play in the National League. Beginning in left field, he soon switched to center field, theContinue reading “Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday …Dale Murphy”

Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves

    Rants:Ruben Amaro Jr. Amaro’s firing wasn’t much of a surprise especially when you consider his manager quit half way through the season, Ryan Howard isn’t the same player he once was and Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins are both in Dodger uniforms, the surprise is that it took this long to send AmaroContinue reading “Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves”