The 3 Ring mess that is the New york Jets

I might have been one of the few that actually believed the Jets would finish with a winning record this season at 9-7. Yes I believed that I thought they could steal a game early on like the Bears game in addition to the beating the Raiders and possibly split with the Patriots and theyContinue reading “The 3 Ring mess that is the New york Jets”

SmallThoughts: Monday Morning Quarterbacking…Jets and Giants win …should Coughlin and Rex keep their jobs?

In a game that meant nothing to either the Jets or the Browns in terms of playoff contention, it was a game that meant everything to Jets Head coach Rex Ryan. Using it as a motivational tool Ryan reportedly told the players that he would let go as head coach after the season. While itContinue reading “SmallThoughts: Monday Morning Quarterbacking…Jets and Giants win …should Coughlin and Rex keep their jobs?”

Woody Johnson ‘Happy’ With Ryan’s Leadership

Jets Owner Still Won’t Say If Ryan Will Be Back By Jared Diamond & Stu Woo In his four-and-a-half seasons as the Jets’ head coach, Rex Ryan has taken his team to two conference-title games. So far this year, he is pulling off another remarkable feat by leading a squad, which many football experts beforeContinue reading “Woody Johnson ‘Happy’ With Ryan’s Leadership”

New York Media needs to cut Rex Ryan slack on going to Clemson

This story ios much to do over nothing amd mostly it is says alot about how quickly the New York Media (some in print and other sports talk radio) turned om Rex Ryan,saying things like he is disinterested in his team or he is running out on his team… Rex Ryan’s son Seth plays footballContinue reading “New York Media needs to cut Rex Ryan slack on going to Clemson”

Jets hire GM and Offensive Coordinator

The Jets finally after two weeks and numerous interviews have a General Manager in place. They have hired John Idzik to be their new GM replacing Mike Tannebaum. Idzik’s primary strengths include managing salaries and the salary cap, but has also worked in player personnel – a unique combination that attracted the Jets. He hasContinue reading “Jets hire GM and Offensive Coordinator”

Small Thoughts: NFL was there any surprise?

To the surprise of no one the Jets house cleaning has begun in full earnest. Tony Sparano this season’s offensive coordinator was fired on Monday. Sparano was hired last March to replace Brian Schottenheimer and take over an offense that struggled mightily. If you recall I questioned the hire from the beginning especially under theContinue reading “Small Thoughts: NFL was there any surprise?”

Does Rex Ryan deserve to be brought back as Jets Head coach?

 When Rex Ryan first arrived as the Jets head coach, he was a breath of fresh air. He spoke his mind, was fun and was ready to take on the Patriots not trying to make the Jets another version of the Patriots. The previous coach Eric Mangini, was tight, tight lipped and was choking theContinue reading “Does Rex Ryan deserve to be brought back as Jets Head coach?”

Jets playoff hopes are over

 Whatever slim chances the New York Jets had at making the playoffs are over. The Titans escaped with a 14-10 victory and I do mean escaped. The Jets had the ball on the final poessesion of the game driving down field onthe Titans running the ball well. A touchdown wins the game, yes the Jets wereContinue reading “Jets playoff hopes are over”

Jets owner: ‘I didn’t sign up for 3-6 season’

Jets Owner Woody Johnson, stated yesterday at a news conference that in his words ”I didn’t sign up for a 3-6 season. We haven’t had one of these in a while. I’m not happy about it, yet I am optimistic that some of these things can be corrected.” ”The record says what’s going on,” JohnsonContinue reading “Jets owner: ‘I didn’t sign up for 3-6 season’”

The Circus that is the New York Jets …

I am going to start off this by saying I am not a Jet hater and while I kill the Jets for the tebow move and more, I am a Jet fan now that said please understand the following: I’m almost at the point that I want the season to be over so that theContinue reading “The Circus that is the New York Jets …”