Smallthoughts: Josh Mc Daniels Had better Be the Next Patriots Head coach

Colts GM Chris Ballard was obviously upset. He was trying to move quickly to put this behind him for the sake of his own sanity and the for the sake of the franchise. Here is what he said happened Josh Mc Daniels called: “He said he had bad news for me,” Ballard revealed. “I just said,Continue reading “Smallthoughts: Josh Mc Daniels Had better Be the Next Patriots Head coach”

Smallthoughts: Josh Mc Daniels turns down Colts job…Drama in New England

What was supposed to be a a slam dunk press conference to announce Josh Mc Daniels as the new head coach of the Indianapolis Colts has turned into drama as Mc Daniels turned down the job to coach the Colts. Kraft sweetened McDaniels current deal with the Patriots as he apparently knew that Mc DanielsContinue reading “Smallthoughts: Josh Mc Daniels turns down Colts job…Drama in New England”

Smallthoughts:Rant of the Week …New England Patriots

There is finally a crack in the armor that is the success of the New England Patriots. A story came out during the week that created a uproar in Boston that all three of New England’s big 3 Belechick Brady and Kraft are in the midst of a drama that seems to be centered aroundContinue reading “Smallthoughts:Rant of the Week …New England Patriots”

Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves

Rants: New York media …Only in New York do you kill the Knicks for not getting the top pick in the NBA Lottery. The Knicks pick 4th  even though they had 2nd worse record in the league this past season. Ok yes I know the 2 wins at the end of the season hurt theirContinue reading “Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves”

NFL Took some of the Air out of the Patriots

Goodell did to the Patriots what the Patriots did to footballs …took some air out of them. Brady was suspended for 4 games the Patriots were fined 1 million dollars  and stripped of two draft picks, including a first-round selection in 2016. Some think this was too steep of a punishment for simple gamesmanship or thoughtContinue reading “NFL Took some of the Air out of the Patriots”

Robert Kraft on Aaron Hernandez “We were duped”

“No one in our organization was aware of any of these kind of connections. If it’s true, I’m just shocked,” Kraft said on Monday, via Ben Volin of the Boston Globe. “Our whole organization has been duped.” If what he says is true, the Patriots really had their heads in the sand on this one.Continue reading “Robert Kraft on Aaron Hernandez “We were duped””