Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves

Rants: Boston RedSox…this falls under what were they thinking signing David Price to a 7 year 217 million dollar contract? The numbers are mind numbing 31 million per season 9,000 per start…his post season record? 2-7 with an E.R.A. of 5.12 so if his win loss record was the reverse (7-2) and his E.R.A. wasContinue reading “Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves”

Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves

Rants: Rex Ryan and the Jets…after the dress down they got by the Chargers there should be nothing they have to say. No Excuses. Please, Please, Please,let’s get this straight if Geno Smith really blew off a meeting and still started on Sunday …the Rex Ryan has really lost control of his team and deservesContinue reading “Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves”

SmallThoughts: Rants and Raves

I would like to take this time to welcome new readers to this site, and if you are reading Smallthoughts:Rants and Raves for the first time, welcome. I post Smallthoughts:Rants and Raves every Friday. 3 rants and 3 raves kind of like the baseball expression 3 up 3 down. I give my rants on somethingContinue reading “SmallThoughts: Rants and Raves”

What a mess at Rutgers …

Until recently unless you lived in the tristate area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, may have never heard of Rutgers University from a sports perspective. But after recent events the Rutgers program has received more attention for it’s lack of attention to detail that has left them a little redfaced. Hiring Eddie jordanContinue reading “What a mess at Rutgers …”

Rutgers stands by it’s Athletic Director

Can things get any worse for the former Big East school so to be a Big Ten entry? Rutgers is standing by its incoming athletic director despite allegations she humiliated and verbally abused players during her coaching days, with the embattled president of the prominent university saying he is looking forward to her first dayContinue reading “Rutgers stands by it’s Athletic Director”

Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves

Rants Sergio Garcia-For making true the expression if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. The feud with Tiger Woods sounded so childish not to mention the chicken reference didn’t garner him many friends. Last told Woods has yet to accept his now adviced apology. Rants- Los Angeles Clippers For firing VinnieContinue reading “Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves”

Rutgers selects woman as new AD

The University that didn’t do the research when they hired Eddie Jordan as their new head coach, has hired a new Athletic Director. Julie Hermann was named Rutgers athletic director on Wednesday, tasked with leading the university back to respectability and into the American Athletic Conference before the Scarlet Knights join the Big Ten inContinue reading “Rutgers selects woman as new AD”

Eddie Jordan didn’t get degree but went to school

Let’s see if we got this striaght…New Rutgers head coach Eddie Jordan went to the school from 1973- 1977 then went to the NBA in 1978 went back to school and finished up in 1985 and didn’t get his degree because he did not register properly. And Rutgers didn’t know this BEFORE they hired himContinue reading “Eddie Jordan didn’t get degree but went to school”

Rice is cooked at Rutgers …

It took long enough and finally Rutgers did what should have been done before. Rice is out as head coach at Rutgers University. No word on who his replacement will be, but it will have to be someone who has better people skills and someone who communicate without throwing a basketball or being abusive toContinue reading “Rice is cooked at Rutgers …”

If there were a need to fire somebody…now would be a good time

Remember when there was a time when former Indiana Hooiser head coach Bobby Knight would bully his players and the faculty at the school so bad that they were afriad to fire him? Do you remember how much everyone outside the school use to think what boorish behavior and that it was just him(Knight)? heContinue reading “If there were a need to fire somebody…now would be a good time”