Boston Marathon Bombing:Not a sports tragedy but a Human One

I had finsihed writing a couple of blogs for earlier in the day and returned home to get some rest before going to work later in the evening. I turned on the tv and was watching a telecast of the Mike Francesa show which is broadcast on the radio on WFAN in New York. DuringContinue reading “Boston Marathon Bombing:Not a sports tragedy but a Human One”

Heat burn Celts for 23 in a row 105-103

This had all the ear marks of a true streak ender for the Heat, on the road in Boston against their hated rivals the Celtics. Add to the fact that the celtics 5 years ago to the date ended another hot streak by the Houston Rockets at 22 in a row, this was a gameContinue reading “Heat burn Celts for 23 in a row 105-103”

The gutting of the Jets continues…Dustin Keller gets one year deal from the Dolphins

If you need further proof that the Jets will not have Mark Sanchez starting at quarterback, just look at the move to let Dustin Keller go to the rival Dolphins. Keller in many respects was Sanchez security blanket in the Jets offense. Sanchez had a comfort level with Keller. When a play would break downContinue reading “The gutting of the Jets continues…Dustin Keller gets one year deal from the Dolphins”

Free Agent frenzy NFL style

If you like the business of NFL football, this is your time of year when your favorite goes about the business of making moves either to get under the salary cap, or sign free agents, or lose free agents or all of the above, then brace yourself because the action onthe first day of freeContinue reading “Free Agent frenzy NFL style”

Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves

Rants– 22-year-old McKinzie Sewell competing in high school basketball at Ridgeway High — Memphis Tenn. Made fools of everyone. Got his wife to pose as his mother and came up with fake transcripts so he could play high school ball. Really? Seriously? College ball is too good for you? the sickest part of it isContinue reading “Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves”

Why is Lebron James considered the Best player today?

There is no denying that right now LeBron James is playing at the peak of his game. The Heat are along for the ride. 15 wins in a row against the Alist of the NBA, The Clippers,Thunder,Hawks,Bulls,Memphis Grizzles and the New York Knicks. All have fallen to the Heat during this run. The last timeContinue reading “Why is Lebron James considered the Best player today?”

Why I think the Jets should Trade Darrelle Revis

I have tried to avoid this subject except for brief moments. I think I was pretty clear that the Jets should trade Darrelle Revis, not because he is a pain about his contract or that every two years he is crying about about he has a bad contract and gets no respect. The Jets shouldContinue reading “Why I think the Jets should Trade Darrelle Revis”

Say this about the New York Knicks…

A game after blowing a 14 point lead against the Miami Heat and losing 99-93 to LeBron and the Heat, the lose their best scorer early get blown out by 22 points and come all the way back without Carmelo Anthony and beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 102-97 in Cleveland. Amare Stoudemire scored 22 points, J.R.Continue reading “Say this about the New York Knicks…”