SmallThoughts: Rant of the Week…Chris Colabello

Ummm OK I am not understand how a world class athlete who earns a living with his body , not know what he is taking in his body. Chris Colabello is the latest to be exposed and suspended for PED use, he didn’t deny it was in his body , he wonders out loud howContinue reading “SmallThoughts: Rant of the Week…Chris Colabello”

A-Rod adds ‘the most hated lawyer in New York’ to his legal team

According to a published report on Big League Stew: Seigel & Turano, P.C. / Getty Images)Alex Rodriguez may not be the most hated person in his camp anymore. The New York Post’s Page Six gossip column is reporting that A-Rod has added criminal defense attorney Joe Tacopina to his legal team, a guy that hasContinue reading “A-Rod adds ‘the most hated lawyer in New York’ to his legal team”