Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday…Lou Pinella

This week’s theme for Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday is famous hot tempered managers. Most managers will or have argued with umpires but three came to mind in the legendary term that makes you think of dirt kicking base removing and tossing hat reversing managers so here is the Fisrt of our three in this catogory…Continue reading “Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday…Lou Pinella”

Smallthoughts: Old school Tuesday …Wade Boggs

Wade Boggs was a classic case of a leadoff hitter with no speed and not enough power to hit lower in the lineup (sounds familiar Met Fans…Daniel Murphy) but Boggs went against type and turned out to be one of the best hitters in Baseball. Boggs won the American League Batting Title 5 times andContinue reading “Smallthoughts: Old school Tuesday …Wade Boggs”

BJ Upton is a Brave, Oklahoma City Thunder Beats Houston in Harden’s return

Evan Longoria is staying in Tampa bay but to the surprise BJ Upton has moved on to Atlanta. He has agreed to sign with the Braves for 5 years 75 million dollars. With the loss of Chipper Jones to retirement, Atlanta was looking to replace his production in the lineup and feel they did withContinue reading “BJ Upton is a Brave, Oklahoma City Thunder Beats Houston in Harden’s return”

Evan Longoria agrees to 136 million dollar deal

Oh to be young and rich. Evan Longoria rich. To have your current contract reworked and to be blended in with the new contract…must be nice. Crazy rich kind of nice. Evan longoria has many reasons to be smiling after agreeing to a new contract that will carry him well into his mid to lateContinue reading “Evan Longoria agrees to 136 million dollar deal”