Smallthoughts: Rant of the Week …Tim Tebow

Give Tim Tebow credit for one thing …trying to reinvent himself but is this just a matter of just getting attention any kind of attention as long as it is attention? I got a text from a friend of mine who thought it was crazy that the Mets signed Tim Tebow to a minor leagueContinue reading “Smallthoughts: Rant of the Week …Tim Tebow”

Fans in Jacksonville held a Tim Tebow rally … and no one showed…

Ok maybe a few people showed, but you get the idea it was enough that the people were called into break up the rally. No one was going to get arrested for disturbing the peace. Tebowmania ran it’s course, it was fun while it lasted. It drove fans crazy in Denver but didn’t totally getContinue reading “Fans in Jacksonville held a Tim Tebow rally … and no one showed…”

Jacksonville Jaguar Fans want Tim Tebow…Hey Jacksonville you can have him…

It is the strangest thing and I just don’t get it with Tim Tebow. Everybody wants him until he is theirs and then it’s well you don’t use him right, or he is a winner or this is a Heisman winner so he has talent. No one knows what to do with him when theyContinue reading “Jacksonville Jaguar Fans want Tim Tebow…Hey Jacksonville you can have him…”

Tim Tebow reportedly turns down NFL team’s inquiry at position other than quarterback

Tim Tebow is an NFL free agent quarterback. Emphasis on the last word. According to TheMMQB’s Peter King, speaking Thursday night on the NBC broadcast, Tebow received an “inquiry” about joining an NFL team at a position other than quarterback. King reports that Tebow declined the request. He also has said no to Canadian footballContinue reading “Tim Tebow reportedly turns down NFL team’s inquiry at position other than quarterback”

Tim Tebow …the AFL is calling

Someone in Football wants to give Tim Tebow a job. Yes seriously. A former NFL Quarterback wants to give Tebow a job. Ron Jaworski is trying to convince Tim Tebow to sign on with his team in the Arena Football League. According to one report Philadelphia Soul part owner Ron Jaworski said on Wednesday heContinue reading “Tim Tebow …the AFL is calling”

Now that the SuperBowl is over…it’s back to business

The biggest game of the NFL season is finally over. The winners are basking in the after glow of their victory while everyone else is now looking to find a way to get that same feeling that the Ravens are having right now. Yes it is back to business NFL style. The Jets will beContinue reading “Now that the SuperBowl is over…it’s back to business”

Jacksonville: Tebow can’t come home

 Jacksonville fired their coach Mike Mularkey, on Thursday after hiring their new General Manager David Caldwell. Caldwell made it clear when asked about Tim Tebow coming to play for the Jaguars, that one Tebow is currently on the Jets roster and two if he (Tebow) were released ”I can’t imagine a scenario in which he’ll beContinue reading “Jacksonville: Tebow can’t come home”

Sanchez to start …Mc Elroy has concussion

Yes the Jets always find a way to make news and give anyone with the pen and paper a reason to keep writing. It seems now that the starting quarterback for this Sunday Greg Mc Elroy was working out in the gym lifting weights and started getting headaches. After meeting with team doctors he hasContinue reading “Sanchez to start …Mc Elroy has concussion”

Does Rex Ryan deserve to be brought back as Jets Head coach?

 When Rex Ryan first arrived as the Jets head coach, he was a breath of fresh air. He spoke his mind, was fun and was ready to take on the Patriots not trying to make the Jets another version of the Patriots. The previous coach Eric Mangini, was tight, tight lipped and was choking theContinue reading “Does Rex Ryan deserve to be brought back as Jets Head coach?”