Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday …Otis Taylor

Otis Taylor was the rare combination of speed and power, not only could he run but he blocked as well. Taylor was selected in the 1965 AFL draft (Chiefs) and the NFL draft, by the Philadelphia Eagles. After a famous “baby-sitting” incident, in which Taylor “escaped” from NFL scouts, he was signed for the ChiefsContinue reading “Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday …Otis Taylor”

Smallthoughts: Rant of the Week …Odell Beckham Jr.

As good as Julio Jones was, it was that bad for Odell Beckham Jr. Sometimes in life our emotions gets the best of us …all of us but with Odell beckham Jr. this is a out of control trend that continues to hurt the Giants. Word of advice to OBJ…time to grow up and stopContinue reading “Smallthoughts: Rant of the Week …Odell Beckham Jr.”

Smallthoughts: Rave of the Week …Julio Jones

Did the Carolina Panther defense get the name of that lighting bolt that flew by them? Wasn’t this a team that was just in the Super Bowl this past February? Yet Julio Jones did whatever he wanted to do against them. I have seen receivers have big games, good games 150 yards plus games 190Continue reading “Smallthoughts: Rave of the Week …Julio Jones”

Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday…Harold Carmichael

I can only imagine what his career totals would be if he played in today’s NFL with all the rules favoring the offense …with his height and his skills …the receiving records he would have set. Early in his career, Carmichael showed his significant physical tools but struggled with injuries and being moved between theContinue reading “Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday…Harold Carmichael”

Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday…Tony Hill

Hill was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the third round of the 1977 NFL Draft. He started his career as a punt retuner and backup wide receiver, winning a championship ring with the Cowboys when they defeated the Denver Broncos 27-10 in Super Bowl XII. The following season he became a starting wide receiverContinue reading “Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday…Tony Hill”

Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday…Drew Pearson

Only 3 players in the Dallas Cowboys history have worn number 88. Current wide receiver Dez Bryant (Who is in a salary dispute with the Cowboys) Michael Irvin and Drew Pearson. Today we will consider two …Michael Irvin and Drew Pearson.┬áSo let’s start with Drew Pearson… In 1973, he was signed as an undrafted freeContinue reading “Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday…Drew Pearson”

Michael Irvin vs Cris Carter …you boys play nice

Josh Gordon is one of the top receivers in the NFL currently he is also one of the more troubled players in the NFL right now as well. He has had his share of off the field issies including a DUI arrest. The topic came ou as to what to do with him Cris CarterContinue reading “Michael Irvin vs Cris Carter …you boys play nice”

DeSean Jackson now a Washington Redskin

According to published reports DeSean Jackson has agreed to join the Washington Redskins. Reportedly it is a 3 year deal but no terms have been released as of yet. Jackson often clashed with head coach Chip Kelly and despite his performance on the field …it didn’t stop the Eagles from relasing the talented wide receiver.Continue reading “DeSean Jackson now a Washington Redskin”

SmallThoughts: Old School Tuesday, Jerry Rice …the Greatest Wide receiver ever?

If Joe Montana is the standard to which quarterbacks are measured against then his hall of fame teammate and wide receiver Jerry is the standard that every wide receiver is measured against. He is the all time leader in about every major categories for wide receivers and the all-time NFL leader in receptions, touchdown receptions,Continue reading “SmallThoughts: Old School Tuesday, Jerry Rice …the Greatest Wide receiver ever?”