Does Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Mark McGwire belong in the Hall of Fame?

Yes I know baseball fans it is a tiring subject. Yes I know many of us are sick of the “S” word…Steroids. But it is a subject that won’t go away. We can wish away of we want to but the Hall of Fame canidates are up for admitance. Who will get in? Why will they or won’t they get in? Do they measure up to the standards of Icons? There is a long list of players who are up for consideration for the Hall of Fame. The list is long and some should already be in. Others will not because they don’t belong there plain and simple. There are some like Tim Raines who should be in. Kenny Lofton? No. Don Mattingly ?? Yes  Mike Piazza?? Yes. Alan Trammell? Yes. Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio? I’m undecided on both. Rafael Palmerio? NO. Here is where it gets tricky … Mark Mc Gwire? I would say No but some feel differently. How about Barry Bonds should he get in? The age old arguement for Bonds is he was already a great player and a Hall of Fame player before steroids. Can the same be said of Roger Clemens?What about Sammy Sosa? Does he get in? Part of the problem with this is the answer the baseball writers give will set the stage for future considerations toward David Ortiz and Alex Rodriquez, Manny Ramirez. What bothers me is that Bonds and Clemens were already Hall of Famers on the way there. Nothing was going to stop them from getting in. For Bonds and Clemens it wasn’t enough to be greats or even icons no they wanted to be immortals like Aaron, Mays and Ruth, Dimaggio, Mantle and Jackie Robinson. But in the process they sullied what was a sure thing and turned into a debate that will not go away. There are many more names that we can debate back and forth on about who should and shouldnt be in the Hall of Fame. Kirby Puckett is in with the same stats as Don Mattingly and yet Puckett is in and Mattingly is not. At one point Mattingly was the best player in the sport. Yes he was that good. And I am a MET Fan. And I said that about a Yankee, what does that tell about how good he was? Bonds, Clemens and McGwire are all tied to steroids, Mc Gwire never hid it it was in his locker in the open before baseball banned his use, so should his stats count? Of course it doesn’t help that before Congress, Clemens, Mc Gwire, Sosa, Palmeiro  and others didn’t look good. In Clemens case you can never tell when he started taking steroids one because he never admitted that he did and two if he did it to extend his career, how do you say no to letting him in when he had the stats before it? The Hall of fame isn’t about not letting these guys in because they were jerks about what they did, it’s about at the point that they started taking or using steroids were they already Hall of Famers? If the answer is yes then in they go with an asterisk next to their name explaing that the balance of their career was spent playing under the Suspicion of steroids. So reader what is your view on this subject? Should these 3 be allowed in Baseball’s Hall of  Fame? If so why, if not why not?

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