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Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday …Dave Debusschere

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Dave Debusschere played for both the NBA and Major league baseball. He was a pitcher for the Chicago White Sox and starred in the NBA for both the Detroit Pistons and the New York Knicks.

In 1962, DeBusschere was signed by the Chicago White Sox as an amateur free agent. He was a pitcher for the White Sox from 1962–63. He pitched a shutout on August 13, 1963, against the Cleveland Indians, giving up six hits, one walk and striking out three. In 22 career at bats, he had only one hit, a single off Bennie Daniels on July 17, 1963. He pitched in the White Sox minor league system for two more seasons before giving up pitching to focus on both playing and coaching basketball.

DeBusschere was selected by the Detroit Pistons in 1962 NBA draft as a territorial draft selection. During his rookie season, he averaged 12.7 points and 8.7 rebounds per game, and was later named to the NBA All-Rookie Team. However, DeBusschere was injured during his second season and only played in 15 games, resulting in the Pistons finishing with a disappointing record of 23-59.

In the 1964–1965 season, at the age of 24, he was given the position of player-coach for the Pistons, and thus became the youngest-ever coach in league history. However, this stint as coach was not successful and he became a full-time player. During the 1968–1969 season, DeBusschere was traded to the New York Knicks for Walt Bellamyand Howard Komives.

DeBusschere, along with future Hall of Famers Willis ReedBill Bradley and Walt Frazier, became an NBA champion when the Knicks defeated the Los Angeles Lakers in the 1970 NBA Finals. With Earl Monroe in the backcourt, they became champions again in 1973, beating the Lakers 4-1 in the finals.

DeBusschere was elected to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 1983 after a 12-year career (1962–1974) in which he averaged 16.1 points and 11 rebounds while being named to eight NBA All-Star teams. He became a member of the NBA 50th Anniversary All-Time Team in 1996. He was renowned for his physical style of play and tenacious defense, and he was named to the NBA All-Defensive first team six times.

DeBusschere retired as a player in 1974, the next year DeBusschere became the ABA’s commissioner for the 1975–76 season, its last. DeBusschere helped bring about the merger between the NBA and the ABA that year.[9] He was later the assistant coach and director of basketball operation of the Knicks during the 1980s, when he drafted fellow Knicks legend Patrick Ewing, the first overall selection in 1985.

Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday spotlights …Dave Debusschere.

Career highlights and awards
Career NBA statistics
Points 14,053 (16.1 ppg)
Rebounds 9,618 (11.0 rpg)
Assists 2,497 (2.9 apg)




Smallthoughts:Old School Tuesday …Gus Johnson

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A 6 ft 6 in, 235-pound  forwardcenter, Gus Johnson spent nine seasons with the Baltimore Bullets, and his final season was split between the Phoenix Suns and the Indiana Pacers of the ABA.

One of the first forwards to frequently play above the rim, Johnson combined an unusual blend of strength, jumping ability, and speed; he was one of the first dunk shot artists in the NBA. His nickname “Honeycomb” was given to him by his college coach. He had a gold star drilled into one of his front teeth and shattered three backboards during his career.

As a member of the Baltimore Bullets, Johnson was voted to the All-Rookie Team for 1963–64. He played in five NBA All-Star Games, was named to four All-NBA Second Teams, and was twice named to the All-NBA Defense First Team. His number 25 jersey was retired by the Baltimore Bullets franchise. With the Pacers, he was a member of the 1973 ABA championship team.

Johnson was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2010.

Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday spotlights…Gus “Honeycomb” Johnson.

Career history
19631972 Baltimore Bullets
1972 Phoenix Suns
1972–1973 Indiana Pacers
Career highlights and awards
Career NBA and ABA statistics
Points 10,243 (16.2 ppg)
Rebounds 7,624 (12.1 rpg)
Assists 1,603 (2.5 apg)



Smallthoughts: Some Days It Stinks Being a Met fan

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There are days when you as a Met fan scream to high heaven as to why can’t the Mets make moves like this. It stinks being a Met fan in a Yankee world. No matter what the Mets do or in this case didn’t do the Yankees seem to do it and boom blow the Mets clean out of the water. The Yankees have added the 2017 National League MVP Giancarlo Stanton to their team of thumpers Gary Sanchez and Aaron Judge. Thanks to Derek Jeter he the Yankees a huge favor took nothing back so now every Met fan going to be hearing all year from Yankee fans …

Look at their lineup with Stanton board:

1. Brett Gardner, LF

2. Didi Gregorius, SS

3. Giancarlo Stanton, DH

4. Aaron Judge, RF

5. Gary Sanchez, C

6. Greg Bird, 1B

7. Aaron Hicks, CF

8. Gleyber Torres, 2B

9. Chase Headley, 3B

Maybe the only up side is that I don’t have to see Stanton hit moonshots out of Citifield 19 times a year in Queens but he is going to be hitting home runs 81 games a year …in the Bronx. This deal made me sick but the Yankees gave up NOTHING absolutely NOTHING to get Stanton…what? Starlin Castro and 2 low level prospect who may or may not make it up the minor league ladder for a reigning MVP??? What happened to vetoing a trade for the good of baseball?? Where is Bowie Kuhn when you need him? The Yankees have earning the rep of being called the Evil Empire …The Empire strikes Back …UGH!

Worse …The team in Queens …The Mets did NOTHING to weigh in on this trade because …we don’t want to added that much money to our payroll. So you let the Yankees who didn’t need Stanton get him on the cheap. Weigh in maybe drive up the price to where even if the Yankees make the deal it will hurt just alittle. Instead the Mets are shopping at the low level basement while the Yankees are shopping at Naiman Marcus …

Sandy do something !!!Related image

Smallthoughts : Rant of the Week…Kansas City Chiefs

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They started out a house on fire they beat the Patriots, raced to a 5-0 record and looked like they could unseat the Patriots in the AFC. Then the Chiefs imploded…they are now 6-6 in the AFC west in a three way tie with the Raiders and the Chargers. Due to injures they ended up signing Darrelle Revis. Revis first game was against his former team the New York Jets. He looked nothing like the Darrelle Revis Jet fans used to love. They ended up losing to the Jets 38-31. With 4 games left the Chiefs need to turn it around asap. The question is will they ? Three of the last 4 games are within their division and all 4 are in their conference. No wiggle room here they need to run the table to get in the playoffs or no one will remember their 5-0 start.

Smallthoughts: Rave of the Week…Aaron Boone

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After a exhausting search the New York Yankees finally named a new manager…Aaron Boone. At first I didn’t think it was a good hire mainly because the Yankees made it clear they want a manager they can manipulate as opposed to Joe Girardi who they clearly despite his record felt he didn’t work well with them. And the other reason I didn’t like the hire was how much time is Boone going to have to take the Yankees to the next level? Girardi got them to 1 game short of the world series. Any thing short of a world series and it’ going to be considered a failure. That is a rough way to start your manager’s career. So why am I writing this as a Rave of the Week?

It was a move I didn’t see coming but it isn’t like Boone is coming off the street. He has played 12  years of major league baseball he hit one of the biggest home runs of his career as a Yankee when in 2003 he hit the game winning home run that put the Yankees into the the world series over the Boston Red Sox. Consider this…he comes from a baseball family his brother Brett Boone played in the Major Leagues, his dad Bob Boone played catcher and managed at the big league level and his grand father Ray Boone also played Major league Baseball. So he has a wealth of baseball knowledge. He is a fresh face like other hires the Mets Mickey Callaway  and the Red Sox Alex Cora. He is part of a growing trend of general managers hire someone who is willing to be part of a collective when it comes to managing. The days of managers being in charge in the dugout are long gone. Listening to Boone at his press conference he sounds like what they Yankees are looking for …will it work ?

Will it be enough though to get the Yankees to the world series… We will see.

Smallthoughts: Trivia Thursday

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How did you do with this week’s question?

If you answered …Jack Nicklaus you are correct.Image result for jack nicklaus

Nicklaus won the Masters …in 1965 and 1966 the first to win the Masters two years in a row.

Smallthoughts: Trivia Thursday

Image result for trivia thursdayWelcome to this week’s Smallthoughts: Trivia Thursday. Are you ready for this week’s question? Here it goes:

The answer will be posted on Friday along with Smallthoughts: Rave of the Week and Smallthoughts: Rant of the Week.