If there were a need to fire somebody…now would be a good time


Remember when there was a time when former Indiana Hooiser head coach Bobby Knight would bully his players and the faculty at the school so bad that they were afriad to fire him? Do you remember how much everyone outside the school use to think what boorish behavior and that it was just him(Knight)? he was the exception not the rule, yet other coaches stood by him even when he throw chairs punched players berate them made them lower than dirt and stillother players would swear by him? Well now we know why other coaches would stand behind him for his boorish behavior then…because many of them do the same thing. Mike Rice head coach of Rutgers University was caught on video, not just berating his players but throwing basketball directly at the player not once not twice but several times at practice.
It takes guts to yell and berate people who stand near a foot taller than you. And feel comfortable enough that you won’t hit them or do a Latrell Sprewell and choke you. Mike Rice has a record of 44-51 in 3 seasons at Rutgers. Not exactly the kind of record that screams that the berating works all that well for you. The fact that Rutgers is still considering firing him …says what are they waiting for? Are they waiting for public opinion to get red hot before they act on this? Honestly I am not sure how many of these coaches and not just Bobby Knight or Mike Rice could look at a parent and say trust me with your child on one hand and then in the next breath call them among other things sissys of the worse kind. Again his behavior is on video, so this isn’t hearsay this is out there for all to see.
Firing Mike rice would be the first step toward fixing the problem, the other step is to press assault chargers on the coach why? Rice getting fired is only going to get another opportunity somewhere else. Will he be low key? oh yes because he will be watched but …as soon as things get comfortable and no one is watching will this rear it’s head again? Very possible. But if criminal charges are pressed it does make even a bully of a coach really think if it’s worth it. Ask yourself if this was your child he throw a ball at or was abusive to what would you do? For Rutgers to still be considering firing Rice smells like a cover story is being put together to cocer other tracks than just his. But a bully is a bully until someone stands up to a bully. Who is going to stand up to this bully?

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