Jacksonville Jaguar Fans want Tim Tebow…Hey Jacksonville you can have him…

Sanchez and Tebow

It is the strangest thing and I just don’t get it with Tim Tebow. Everybody wants him until he is theirs and then it’s well you don’t use him right, or he is a winner or this is a Heisman winner so he has talent. No one knows what to do with him when they get him. He has been on 3 teams in 2 years. Denver, New York and New England …say what you will about the Jets but they apparently saw enough that they wouldn’t put him on the field. New England had him too and the fear was that Belichick will know what to do with him…right! He cut first chance he got. In a weird way it got the Jets off the hook so now it leads me to a team more disfunctional than the Jets …the Jacksonville Jaguars. Yes they have been after Tebow for some time and now they have a chance to get him. He played college ball in the state of Florida and he is a big draw there. But other than the fact the Jags lag in attendance and lag in talent why else would they bring in Tebow? Will he make them better? … Ask Denver, New York and New England that question. They couldn’t wait for home to come and then they couldn’t wait for him to leave. For Jacksonville it is about box office plain and simple. Get fans to come to the games. Once they are there will the team be better? Will the Jags become a playoff team all of a sudden?

If the Jacksonville fans want him that bad to stage a rally to get him, get him but don’t expect much to change. As Bill Parcells once said” You are what your record says you are.” 0-2 looking at possible number one draft pick.
From a Jet fan to Jacksonvill fan ..you want you Tim Tebow…you can have him.

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