Lupica out at the New York Daily News

Mike Lupica is out at the New York Daily News . And why is that news? Maybe it’s news to me since I had been reading his column since he began there back in the 80’s . If you have been at a place that long you figure it’s possible retirement would be looming for him. But Daily News Owner Mort Zuckerman had other ideas and let go not only Lupica but …nine reporters and editors getting tossed, including Bill Madden, Filip Bondy and Teri Thompson, the sports editor. The Newspaper business isn’t what it once was, in fact it was the first place you would get your news when you woke up the next morning, but now with social media and news networks that run 24 hours it has been a challenge for newspapers to stay a float. I enjoyed reading Lupica when he would write about George Steinbrenner aka the Boss when George would go into his rants about Billy , Reggie, winning and losing…

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2 thoughts on “Lupica out at the New York Daily News

  1. They get paid too much Jerry and newspapers as you are so aware aren’t what they used to be. They can’t sustain such salaries while their subscription volume has continued to plummet with all the coverage on the Internet. There is no more lotalty towards the papers or their writers either. Sad. I liked Bill Madden. Lupica? Well I either loved his articles especially the ones on George as you alluded to, or totally disagreed with him.
    Difference today as opposed to say 15-20 years ago is that sports writers now have options. ESPN, WFAN, etc.. Lupica already is on ESPN, Madden is on SNY, Micharl Kay, former N.Y. Post writer ESPN, etc….
    Welcome to the 21st century!!

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