Smallthoughts: Jets Finally Win a Game, Fitz Goes and Pops Off

We all know the reason Ryan Fitzpatrick is a journeyman quarterback …his inconsistent play…but now we know another reason …his mouth…

Ok let me make sure I get this straight , you spend the off season holding out because coming off a career year you want big money and more than what you eventually settle for …then you stink up the place leading your team to a 1-5 record you get benched and then after a rare win you say…

“The biggest thing in this game in order to last is to have a belief in yourself,” Fitzpatrick said. “Because when the owner stops believing in you, and the GM stops believing in you and the coaches stop believing in you, sometimes all you have is yourself. That’s something I’ve had to deal with before. That’s what I’m dealing with now.”

Asked directly if he felt the Jets’ owner, GM, and coaches have stopped believing in him here, Fitzpatrick said “Yeah, I think when you get put on the bench that’s the reason why.”

That’s major big ones …you stink up the joint for 6 weeks and you point fingers at your bosses??? Seriously???

Hey Mr. Fitzpatrick  news flash EVERYONE STOPPED BELIEVING in  QUARTEBACK THAT IS leading the NFL with 11 interceptions, including nine in a two-game stretch. You don’t get it. Your play stinks which is why you were benched. Only a injury to Geno Smith is what got you back in the game. It wasn’t like you had a bad game you several bad games on the way to a 1-5 start. Yes We all know the schedule was brutal but to be honest if you played better the jets could have come out that 6 game stretch at least 3-3 and then with the soft part of the schedule could load up your record.

But you’re play was so bad that your bosses had no choice but to turn to the one no one wanted to see play Geno Smith. Your play was so bad that even Geno looked good until he got hurt and didn’t return. So please don’t make this about woe is me …The Owner , the GM, the coaches didn’t believe in me nonsense, they didn’t believe in you because your play was that bad it stunk! Plain and simple !

Play pissed off but play pissed off at yourself for lousy,sloppy, uninspired play for 6 weeks and only after getting benched does the light come on!!! Look in the mirror and really be honest and get real with yourself about your play this season then get pissed at only one person…yourself!

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6 thoughts on “Smallthoughts: Jets Finally Win a Game, Fitz Goes and Pops Off

  1. Dear Fitzpatrick; “The crybaby”You said: ….that’s something (having coaches stop believing in you) that I’ve dealt with before.” Yes you have and that’s why you’ve played for 5 different teams! It’s because you’re not that good dude!!

    1. And athletes wonder why fans turn on them so much…because of thoughtless Ness like that. No one else offered him a contract…he basically got a one year make good year and he says they stopped believing in him as if he won the super bowl. They didn’t even make the playoffs and he’s pissed?? ?PLEASE

  2. New site? LOVE it! Great to see you back.

    As for Fitz, see . . he’s the reason my sporting compass seems so out of whack. Because I don’t hate teams like the Patriots simply because they win or players like Brady simply because they’re perfect (sic). Nope, I hate guys like Fitz. Because he collects starter money off the anomaly that was last season and most everyone KNOWS he’s not a franchise QB- except for him. And then he has the balls to say no one believes in him? What season has HE been watching? Really?

    What a dope.

    Great post mister.

    1. Thank you for your comments and feel free to drop in often. Your comments on Ryan Fitzpatrick was spot. As the season unfold even he knows he didn’t get it done. Last season was an anomaly and the Jets wisely didn’t give him the money nor the years he demanded. The problem isn’t that he isn’t the answer at QB but the problem is who is the answer at QB for the New York Jets? Obviously the answer isn’t on this roster.

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