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Smallthoughts:Rave of the Week… Patrick Ewing

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The Big Fella has returned to Georgetown. Long Over due. After 15 years as an NBA assistant coach and schooling the likes of Dwight Howard and Yao Ming in his time as an assistant he now gets to run his own program. Some have questioned whether this was the right move for Georgetown because he has no head coaching experience, yet after watching Derek Fisher, Mark Jackson, Steve Kerr, Jason Kidd all become head coaches with no previous head coaching experience I say this was long over due. I have openly questioned why Ewing wasn’t hired in the NBA as a head coach (https://smallthoughtsinasportsworld.wordpress.com/2013/06/03/head-coaching-vaccanies-in-the-nba-yet-no-one-hired-patrick-ewing-as-headcoach-why/) at the time Ewing was passed over for the job in Charolette. Ewing stated at the time It’s just disappointing, but I’m just hoping and waiting somebody gives me a look,” Ewing told CSNNW.com. “I just need an opportunity. All it takes is one team.“Look at [Chicago Bulls head coach] Tom Thibodeau, he’s a great coach who coached me in New York and I spent time with him when we were assistants in Houston. It took him a long time before somebody finally gave him a chance. When he got it, he took full advantage of it. I’m hoping somebody in the NBA gives me a chance so I can show what I am capable of doing.”

The big fella is getting that opportunity in a place he probably didn’t see coming yet a place he was all so familiar with …Georgetown University. It is the return of the Hoya Destroyer. I am happy for Ewing  I hope he does well there. It is going to take time to build the program but he put in time as a assistant and paid his dues so he isn’t going to waste this chance.


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